Dear Quake fans and those that just love to game, the Cyber Sports Network is proud announce that we will be running events and raffles during QuakeCon 2012 BYOC. Much like last year, CSN will host tournaments, raffles, giveaways and show matches and hand out over $20,000 in cash and prizes. Along with plenty of BYOC Quake Live action of various mods, including PQL, FFA and Domination, CSN will host various events for some of the top RTS, MOBA and FPS game titles.

For this to all happen, CSN will need your help. For the last 2 years, CSN has been proud to be only major gaming organization to continue to support Quake and other FPS game titles in North America and the QuakeCon BYOC is the mecca of FPS LAN parties.

The Cyber Sports Network has started a kickstarter fundraising program to help organize this experience. All donations to this program will go directly to the BYOC! Even a single donation of $1 will help. For CSN to cover the cost of this experience, the entire project must be funded. CSN is asking for all of those Quakers that appreciate the contribution made to the community consider donating.

Links: Kickstarter, Maximus Black, QuakeCon, CyberSports Network