I have posted an interview with United States of America Fatal1ty over at www.thegamingcyclist.blogspot.com. We talk about whats going on in his life nowadays, quake, esports and esreality. Here is a snippet:
Thresh once said of you (in an ESR interview) ... "Fatal1ty plays a more methodical, running patterns type game, whereas I played a more thinking, strategic style game"... He also spoke about his slower, strategic style of play. Is it possible that such gameplay could withstand the ferociously fluid style most Pro-Gamers employ today? I'll cut to the chase ... do you think you would have beaten Thresh if you were both at the peak of your powers?

JW: I feel I played the game however it needed to be played to win the game. If a certain pattern was 100% effective, why not use it? As gamers got more complex to read and play against, I had to change my game to win the match. The game over the years has changed so much, so no one style is bullet-proof. Playing all the different games I've played, each game had a different way to play them, and if you tried to employ a q3 tactic in PainkilleR, it was impossible to win! I tried it, didn't work. I had to become more aggressive and more fierce with decisions and movement to bring the fight to me. I even had to change to no accel to play the game at optimal settings. As for the match between Thresh and me, we will never know. Thresh was a great player and I much enjoyed watching him when I was 15-16 years old.

Check out the Full Interview! I hope ESR readers enjoy reading it! - MrE