Just copy/pasting some of the logs i have in irc everytime i have to play a russian for a cup (which happens 95% of the times cause admins just love that i play with 100 ping)

-21:30:41- (baSe_) this
-21:30:42- (baSe_) map
-21:30:44- (baSe_) ups
-21:30:46- (baSe_) server
-21:30:46- (baSe_) de
-21:30:48- (baSe_) piblik

(daNv3R) de ?
(Insan3) ok
(daNv3R) give me link
(Insan3) are u prem?
(daNv3R) no
(daNv3R) me smoke 3 min
(Insan3) http://www.quakelive.com/r/join/972300 ins
(daNv3R) i not have pre
(daNv3R) give me invite
(Insan3) get someone to invite u
(Insan3) i dont have pre as well
(daNv3R) don't see invite
(daNv3R) i add you
(Insan3) i dont have pre/pro
(daNv3R) go in public
(daNv3R) wait i change mouse
(daNv3R) today game swe only
(daNv3R) 140 PL
(daNv3R) man 2 min for smoke and go
(daNv3R) k ?
(daNv3R) wait 5 min , maybe ping down on de or nl
(daNv3R) i phone my provider

-16:33:31- (np_ZhoreZ) SUKA
-16:33:34- (np_ZhoreZ) FUCKING NOOB
-16:33:35- (np_ZhoreZ) ME PLAY
-16:33:43- (np_ZhoreZ) 20nd tourney in UKR
-16:33:46- (np_ZhoreZ) STUPID
-16:33:52- (np_ZhoreZ) me say w8 EUKA
-16:33:53- (np_ZhoreZ) PIDAR
-16:33:55- (np_ZhoreZ) ebaniie
-16:33:56- (np_ZhoreZ) loh

-14:04:16- (Radist) s tobou igraem
-14:05:07- (Insan3) wa
-14:05:12- (Radist) nsan33333 tui
-14:05:29- (Insan3) DAVAI
-14:06:15- (Insan3) what u want?
-14:06:32- (Radist) german
-14:06:34- (Radist) davay
-14:06:50- (Radist) -tox
-14:07:45- (Radist) ny
-14:08:25- (Insan3) -ztn
-14:08:29- (Radist) -aero
-14:08:40- (Insan3) -t4
-14:08:56- (Radist) -battle
-14:09:36- (Insan3) +dm13
-14:10:27- (Radist) silky hsa dam

-17:08:51- (razii) we playng
-17:08:57- (defs|ins) what's ur ping to uk/de/nl?
-17:09:09- (razii) POL
-17:09:32- (defs|ins) hm
-17:10:59- (razii) wath u nick in QL
-17:11:00- (razii) &
-17:11:01- (razii) ?
-17:11:03- (defs|ins) ins
-17:11:31- (razii) i u add

-14:06:25- (Yuzi) pffff
-14:06:46- (Yuzi) why I living in Russia... :(
-14:07:16- (Yuzi) what to do,,,
-14:07:18- (Yuzi) mmm

-16:06:57- (Insan3) we+re playing
-16:07:14- (iizer_) hi
-16:08:30- (Insan3) where u frm
-16:08:31- (iizer_) I not so on angl talk

but we r dont think that its champ))

Should you okay with me Give me the time of entry into the game banada
I can not enter your room when you are entering the game because they have a PAID
are you there
i think you watch
sory i engelish bad
game oynuyacanmı

ShadyAK's letter applying for a PAINKILLERHD beta key ( which resulted in an actual key, success! )
--- :
Helo) I Insan3) Give painkiller key, i play it win game shoot vo0)))
I play in Portugal national team) I like playing RU servers)) I am good player I shoot kill strenx cypher p0ni die) I have been quake live player for few times, every LAN I attend I 1/4 final or more) QL DUEL))) I like playing games and I enjoy testing new deathmatch games, and I believe my experience as both a LAN-grade QuakeLive TDM & Duel and COD2/4 player would be a good reason to give me a beta key.

omg new entry
Nitrino's letter to SyncError asking for a duel matchmaking feature:
Good afternoon.
Please do not tell me.
will it be possible to automatically search for the server with the lowest ping two rivals?
to himself not to look where the lowest ping, etc.
in CS. machine is the server with the lowest ping.
ps just let the two rivals come into the lobby, and presses a button server intrigue. something like this