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Shit and fuck and cunts. Now that i've got your attention, why don't we once again go over why PC's are the future and consoles are quickly becoming the past.

Point 1: Consoles are gay.

Point 2: PC's can play any game a console can (and play them better than consoles), while consoles cannot do the same.

Point 3: New technology, such as found in the new Nintendo console, allows one to play video-games on their televisions that come from their PC's. Such wireless streaming technology renders consoles utterly and completely useless. Their only viability left, comes from the fact they maintain exclusive deals with game-makers. If Microsoft and Apple cared to do so, they could put their enormous fortunes to work at breaking those deals and bringing the developers to PC's.

Point 4: PC's, while being able to play any game better than a console, can also accomplish a myriad of other tasks found to be impossible on consoles, or so unreasonably difficult as to make them virtually impossible, thus further diminishing the value of consoles. For example, modding.

Point 5: Pro-gaming is shit on consoles. Any dipshit who thinks otherwise should be sent to a concentration camp... I mean, a re-education camp. Granted, when I have a broken leg, I love playing soccer, but, should professional soccer be played with broken legs? No. Now fuck off console people.

Point 6: The only real appeal of consoles is the fact they are casual: you can sit on your little couch with your little friends, and group-masturbate with your little controllers. But, Point 3 makes it so you can do the same with PC gaming. If you're into group-masturbation, that's your business and whatever.

Point 7: Piracy on PC's can be dealt with, and regardless, the games are profitable even with piracy. To use piracy as an excuse for consoles is about the same as using car-jackings as an excuse for buses.

Point 8: That should be enough points, but you're than welcome to add more.