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New stuff in need of sorting:

Learn 2 play video guides
a GD studios episodes with 2GD:

Episode 01: Understanding Quake Live; part 1; part 2; part 3; part4;
Episode 02: Setting-up your Quake Live, making your config (basic in-game menu tutorial, basic console commands must have)
Episode 03: Circle jumping and starfing;part1; part2;
Episode 04: Item timing in duel
Episode 05: Strafe jumping and rocket jumping

Addons: / ESReality post - all quake related (news, tournaments coverage, stats, ...)
2d demo viewer / 2d demo viewer - making visualizations
Re-interactive spawn visualization
Quake Live/Quake3 Movies
Quake Live -
Quake timers
Quake Item Timetable
PQL CTF Fastcaps Thread
QLstats - Aims to deliver detailed player statistics from particular events and unlimited match history for everyone

Server Console Menu - Usefull script to manage and operate you server.
Quake Live Friends Commands - This allows you to invite someone to your server without leaving the game or adding them to your friends list.
Quake Live Message Beep - Beeeeep!
Quake Live Avto-Config - It does what it has been written in the tittle, i pinky swear.
Quake Live extendet stats - Displays hits/shots @ match details.
In-game ELO announcer - QLRanks / External program: In-game ELO announcerhttp:://
Zoomscript - generator
/ ESReality link - Hey, he created a zoomscript generator that allows you to zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. Enjoy!
Quake Live Roster Sorter / ESReality link - It sorts stuff, especialy names.

You can also find all these links under community news on Quake Live page.
Community made addons/guides
Community made addons/scripts

You will probbaly find stuff missing... if you do, just paste it under comments.