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Strenx 2011 - The movie is just around the corner! Until we capture the final few scenes, we are pleased to present this trailer, made by Hungary Ákos "F-X" Ujfalusi! But that's not all! We have to keep up with the new technologies used in TVs and cinema, so we brought you this: The first 3D gaming movie ever!

Both this trailer and the full movie are in 3D. If you have no monitor or glasses that can handle it, don't worry, because we have an Anaglyph (red-cyan) version available for you. Just go down to the corner store and grab some paper glasses, they shouldn't cost much more than $1. However, for the truly old-school fanboys, we have a normal 2D version available.

These 3D effects wouldn't have been possible without the help of United States of America brugal, who created the mod, and Hungary Péter "mccormic" Kerülö, who got everything working. Also, mccormic is monitoring and helping with the creation process and will add some surprise scenes to the video!

The 3D mod along with a new version of WolfcamQL will be released when the movie is out!