I talked with the admins, and we have their blessing. Somewhen soon, we will have a wiki system within ESR.

Why a wiki?

Trivial answer: because it is a good way to store and access information. A wiki just gives a simple unified structure to otherwise scattered information.

Go to TeamLiquid and look at BW and SC2 wikies as excellent examples.

Why on ESR?

A wiki is as good as the exposure it gets. If you make a wiki and nobody knows about it, you could as well not doing it. Make a wiki in a busy place, and people will make it flourish.

ESR is the best Quake Live has, so this is the place to have it.

Wait, I already started a QL wiki!

Props to you for the effort; let's work together!

This is not about personal pride, nor about content ownership. Contributions are very welcome from anyone, and if you already have put thoughts on this, the community will benefit from your wisdom.

So far, I could find the links below. I cannot judge the japanese ones, but it seems they were isolated attempts that got overwhelmed by the challenge.

If you know of more places, please post them.

What now?

The first thing to do is to agree on an overall structure. This step is crucial to organize a good wiki. Once that is there, people are welcome to fill in the actual pages.

Secondly, we should scout for available content. The more links we collect, the better.

I will post my thinking in separate posts, so that it is easier to discuss.


EmSixTeen and I worked on a general structure. You can visualize it here:


If you want to edit it, send an IM with a google mail account.