Given his recent great performance at QuakeCon 2011, WinFakt wanted to take some time with Sweden Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira for an interview. He gives some insight about how the tournament was from a player's point of view, discusses about his performance in duel and TDM, as well as a bit about his future in online gaming.

Here is an excerpt:
Before we talk some more about your performance in TDM, I'd like us to go back to this match versus CZM. Did you expect him to be such in a good shape for this event ?
No, I really did not. It was a tough tournament. I think some players really underperformed, and few played better than expected. I didnĀ“t see rest of czms games. But against me he made some nice moves, which worked several times because I made really bad mistakes over and over again.

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