The Cyber Sports Network is excited to announce their partnership with this year's QuakeCon Event as the official BYOC Competitions organizer. Cyber Sports Network will offer participants of the QuakeCon event an organized and competitive structure of tournaments. This year's QuakeLive Open Duel Tournament will be organized and ran by the Cyber Sports Network and will include over one thousand ($1,000) dollars in cash and prizes to the top three finishers. Additionally, Origin has offered a gaming laptop valued at $2,895 for first place.

Along with the Quake Live Open Duel Tournament, the CSN will offer participants several other competitive options, including a Heroes of Newerth event with over $1,000 in prizes, full BYOC and QuakeCon coverage and media content, and an Event-ending raffle for a prize package worth over $300. Game titles included in this year's BYOC competitions are; Quake Live Freeze Tag, Quake Live CTF, Quake Live FFA, Quake 4, Warsow, Team Fortress 2, StarCraft II, Call of Duty 4 and HaxBall. QuakeCon participants will be encouraged to submit additional tournament ideas for the CSN staff to structure and organize, making use of the CSN website and tournament system.

All Cyber Sports Network tournaments will be free to join for QuakeCon participants and specific prizes for all events will be determined during the event. The CSN looks forward to providing the participants of this year's QuakeCon an opportunity to compete in organized tournaments and events.

Update: Quake Live Open duel tournament streams are coming online asap: CSN Stream

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