we want to present u a BG Q4 DUEL CUP 10 on Saturday 15th of December starting at
11:00 GMT (15:00 Moscow). This cup will be a double elimination bracket
also it will feature bo1 and bo3. At the beginning of cup All players
will play with bo1 feature. The quantity of rounds with bo1 depends on
quantity of players and will be anonced in mirc before begining.
Cup Details:

* Game: Quake 4, ver.1.4.2, MOD: Q4max
* Format: Double Elimination, bo1, bo3
* Max quantity of players is 32
* Mappool: Monsoon, Placebo, Phrantic, Torment, Ravage
* Timelimit: 10 minutes
* Prizes 1st - $50, 2nd - $35, 3rd - $20 (paypal)
* Register at http://bgq4cups.tourney.cc/10/sign-ups/sign-up/
* Start: 15. December 2012 @ 11:00 GMT Check-in 1 hour before
* Players must confirm their registration only on irc channel writing "regestration confirmed" to Point or Badgirl private message
* IRC channel: #badgirlq4
* Player must be on irc channel during a cup using nick he has registred
* After every plyaed game player must write his result on irc channel #badgirlq4, just write pm to Point or BadGirl
* Players choose a server by themselves and if players are not agree with server every1 of them want to play, orgzs appoint server.
* every1 must record demos.