DreamHack and United Kingdom 2GD announce the Quakelive TONY FFA Special for DreamHack Summer 2011 with a total prize purse of 10,000 SEK.

DreamHack and 2GD are proud to present the TONY FFA Special to the Swedish gamers. After witnessing Italy TONY's uncontested Quake FFA skills at the Ultimate Gaming Championships, it was obvious that TONY needed to go international. The amount of Quake players and competition in Italy alone just isn't enough for TONY. Even if TONY was to take on the whole of Italy in a FFA match while simultaneously raising his beautiful baby daughter, being the worlds best husband/ fantastic lover, It still wouldn't be a Challenge for poor TONY. Fact, he did and won. Which is why we're bringing TONY to DreamHack Summer, Sweden, the world's largest gaming LAN to see if we can find TONY some competition. Probably not. But were doing it anyway!

Links: Announcement, TONY - mIRC #TONY