That's why you might have missed me, everybody. I don't know if i will come back yet neither if i'll be able to nolife nerd thundertruck all night long, but i won't leave you people, i might buy a smartphone or an eepc so that i can continue to troll @ ESR and lose my time on the web. Maybe it's time for me, the thunderstruck 1on1 legend, to take a break, and start a facebook career. Maybe it's time for me to follow the right path for once, and see what happens.
I have some saved money, so, like i said, i'm wondering about buying a smartphone or a cool eeepc, cuz i probably won't be at home for quite some time from now, or at least not 24/24 7/7 (i'll lose all my thunderstruck skill :/, but when i'll be able to practice again, i'll start a duel career, get my skilll back, fix my brain instability and start to own, because i'm one of the only french man that can compete at very high lvl quake. I'm so smart i need medication, but yeah, i failed at some point still. Hope my painkillers, or should i say brain's fixing medication will help me. I somehow feel like Walter Outlow somehow, and it's cool tbfh.

Anyways, enough talking, sticky this, discuss and watch my youtube channel :

config link :