received via iM from diabz`

I know you won`t take this seriously, but there`s always hope.. I had the name on ESR first. Would you kindly return it to me? Thanks.

You're right, I won't take this seriously. You've gotta ask yourself why I suddenly came out of the woodwork and ruffled your feathers a bit.

Not only did you go out of your way to accuse me of stealing a nickname (as per the quoted irc text in my journal, you attacked me when I innocently joined quakenet for the firsT time in ten years) but I'm getting third and fourth hand stories of you calling me a shitter.

You don't know me, you obviously didn't know shit about my Quake history (except my nickname, which you very clearly saw on some Quake or other gaming website, and promptly copied) so to me, you're just a deadshit cunt with a big mouth that needs to get a reality check.

Have fun being the second diabz, or change your nickname and stop putting my name and reputation in your mouth.