Hi fellow ESR readers, here I want to introduce you to my Mouse Acceleration Script.

The basic purpose of this script is to add mouse acceleration similar to one used in QuakeLive to games, which do not support acceleration at all, or which have different mouse acceleration implementation.

In order to start using this script you need to do the following:

1) Download GlovePIE application from here:
Please note that I can guarantee this script working only with GlovePIE 0.41. Also, you need Administrator rights on a PC where you suppose to run it.

2) Remove any accel from your QL config and measure distance in cm needed to take 180 degree turn.

3) In the game you want to use with mouse accel script, setup sensitivity which yields identical number of centimeters for 180 degree turn.

4) Run GlovePIE.exe and open mouse-quakelive-acceleration.PIE from it. At the top, there are three variables which you should edit (by default they are set to current settings of mine):


Edit them to values you are using in QuakeLive.

5) Press big green Run button, run the game and enjoy QL-like mouse acceleration in the game you play. :)

During the course of development, I tested this script with: ET:QW, COD4, CSS, BFBC2, Quake3, Quake4 and of course, QuakeLive. So at least for this games/engines it should run just fine. Where possible, I always tried to aim for 125 FPS, although in BFBC2 I usually have 200.

Questions, proposals, remarks - all are welcome!

P.S. You can automate running of the GlovePIE with the script, by putting a shortcut to it to Startup folder with following command line (edit paths to your equivalent):

C:\Games\Software\Joystick\GlovePIE041\GlovePIE.exe -C:\Games\Software\Joystick\GlovePIE041\mouse-quakelive-acceleration.PIE

Edit 1: uploaded file with essential corrections from injx. :)