Well, for the past hour or so a group of people and I were not spamming the forums, but reposting topics that kept getting deleted by id moderators about the negatives upon this new update. I posted such threads as "The reason you pay up front" and "Why Q3 Trumps QL". Consequently enough, I was banned, so I started posting on my other account. Shortly after reposting all my threads from my previous account, I was confronted with this:

the thing?

The reason I was banned is simple. I was bad publicity, criticizing the new update, the company for scamming new players, and all that. Here's an example of one of my posts:

"The reason you pay up front is simple, once id has your $48, they don't have to deal with you for a whole year. You pay up front in hopes that you will receive the quality game you deserve. Here's the thing though, if id took 2 years to bring new content to the table, and takes forever in updating problems that constantly arise, and are always complaining about being understaffed, how did that change? Simple fact, it didn't.

The reason you pay up front is so id has your money and you have the Quake Live that is sitting on your monitor right now, but that's ALL you will get. Why would id waste their time updating, bringing 'new' content, and responding to customer's problems when they have all their money already?

Save your money."

I get banned for telling the truth, for telling my opinions about a game I find to be a scam. And I wasn't the only one! I can understand deleting my posts, but an IP ban? The company will lose customers undoubtedly when negative feedback is simply being deleted and banned. I spit on Quake Light.

posted from tool_. this was funny... i might pull out my other accounts if the forums let me log out/back in :(