Germany Fragster just released an interview with the French player from Fnatic: KÚvin "strenx" Baeza. They go across as various subjects as brain, respect, trolls and QuakeCon 2010. Here is the mandatory excerpt:
Fragster: How much brain do you use in comparison with Cooller or rapha?
strenx: You will maybe laugh but I already outbrained Cooller. I remember a situation on dm6, yeah ON DM6. I was up to Mega, because it spawned soon, and he thought I would fall on sg to rush him, so he sticked the wall to wait for me, but I rocket-jumped to bridge going to rl and then I walked and saw him underneath me, so he didn't expect me to be near the rl, so I looked at him for 3 seconds and jumped to him and killed him, so he was totally surprised.

What do you think about other people's opinions? Many people say you are an onliner.
I don't really care, I don't wanna prove if I'm an online hero or lan hero. Comments are comments, you know, they'll always find a way to criticize you etc. But everything is ok, I respect all comments, as long as they are serious, and not only troll. Even if they say I'm an onliner, I hope they are enjoying my game, because I try my best to make good games that are fun to watch.
You can find the full English version of that interview on Fragster!