thetoptriad = micr0n = unfunf = jjz = jjz22

The first portion of this is what I sent to QuakeLive support in January, which resulted in the banning of jjz/jjz22.

Some background on micr0n is required before going forward. If you ask anyone who was a part of the Quake 3 community, specifically Rocket Arena 3, they will know who he is and the various aliases he played under (micr0n, unfunf, onegai, fate, etc.). He was banned from nearly every competition, and placed on every ban list Quake 3 had to offer.

It should also be noted that micr0n has an infatuation with all things Japanese, specifically anime.

The first hint that jjz might be micr0n was in one of his Quake Live forum posts:

Kobe Harborland is in Japan. From this I made an assumption that jjz was either micr0n or rumble/kyuubi/Light, who is also infatuated with Japan. Some searches on Google lead me to a forum account jjz has on HardOCP. One of his forum posts links to a picture of an internet speed test he did, which indicates his internet connection originates from Georgia Tech. micr0n is a Computer Science major at Georgia Tech.

Another post on the HardOCP forums was a screenshot he posted of his desktop, which shows him on IRC as “unfunf.” This made it certain that jjz was micr0n.

Using the IRC server, I was able to uncover a lot more information.

The above link is his forum profile. If you notice, his age is stated as 23, but he was 22 at the time (jjz22). He states he’s a Computer Science major at GaTech, talks about enjoying anime, and his avatar is an anime character. The IRC server’s website also has public logs, which I used to find some more evidence.

# 04:53 unfunf (jjz@...) left irc: Quit:
# 19:56 unfunf (jjz@...) joined #rohitab.

# 22:45 unfunf now to figure out if i can fool a quakelive server into thinking my ip address is something else
# 22:45 Jarhead Echo, in 2 yrs we wont
# 22:45 unfunf doubt it
# 22:45 Cameron Echo it is hard to get in
# 22:45 Jarhead like, really hard
# 22:45 Echo its interesting to see how different the medical school system works in different areas of the world
# 22:46 unfunf i cant just route it to another ip
# 22:46 TkTech Just go to columbia
# 22:46 unfunf because it's a game
# 22:46 unfunf and that would lag

Some more searching uncovered his forum profile on a cheat forum. MPC stands for MultiplayerCheats.

Again, anime and Japanese interests are listed. Also listed are 2 e-mails and an AIM name, which I used to do some more searches. The AIM name uncovered a post on another cheat forum.

The second e-mail ultimately led to the discovery of micr0n’s real name.

Again he talks about anime and lists his e-mails, along with his real name (Ian Axelrod), which will prove important shortly. A directory search on Georgia Tech’s site confirms that is his real name (Ian Samuel Axelrod), and that he is an undergrad majoring in Computer Science. Using his real name, I was able to find his profile and picture on Facebook.

Posting his picture may seem to serve no purpose, but he actually posted this exact same picture on the QuakeLive forums as “jjz22.”

There are some other posts on the MPC forum where he posts a e-mail, which is one of his previous ISPs and can be found on the and NAESP ban lists.

Based on the information above, there is no doubt that jjz/jjz22 is in fact micr0n/unfunf. He was banned shortly after I sent an e-mail to QuakeLive support back in January.

Now that we’ve established that jjz/jjz22 = micr0n/unfunf, we can now go forward and prove that thetoptriad is the same person.

A few weeks prior to him registering another QuakeLive account, he tries to figure out how to evade his ban, and also discusses why and how he was banned.

# 22:48 unfunf know an insane way i can evade bans
# 22:48 unfunf not from IRC
# 22:48 unfunf from the game quake live :p
# 22:48 unfunf they seem to have banned me IP wise and from hardware configuration
# 22:48 unfunf and i cant change my ip, as it's gatech's ip
# 22:49 Napalm its not your ip
# 22:49 unfunf and i do not have access to router (nor does faking mac do anything)
# 22:49 Napalm they ban you via your machines hardware id
# 22:49 Napalm if they do ban ip's it will only be tempory
# 22:49 unfunf anyway i can get around it without physically changing my machine configuration
# 22:49 Napalm just edit your uuid
# 22:50 Napalm they normally use 2 things
# 22:51 Napalm 1 sec I cant remember the name
# 22:52 zzlemm (lemm@...) joined #rohitab.
# 22:52 #rohitab: mode change '+v zzlemm' by Playgirl
# 22:52 unfunf ill try the uuid thing. i suppose i have to make a new account after i change it
# 22:52 unfunf because they might keep a database
# 22:52 unfunf and have some tag that says im banned :p
# 22:52 falkman dr. pepper time
# 22:53 Echo why are you banned
# 22:53 unfunf because i hacked? :p
# 22:53 Echo =/
# 22:53 Echo thought you the skill unfunf
# 22:53 Echo hacks are for the weak
# 22:53 unfunf i am, which made me extremely hard to catch
# 22:54 unfunf they caught me based on my announcing in this channel that i was going to hack, and matching my ip
# 22:54 unfunf :)
# 22:54 unfunf damned rohitab logs!
# 22:54 Echo i didnt mean skill in being undetected i meant skill as in "owning"
# 22:54 Echo :P
# 22:54 unfunf yes, that's why i was hard to detect. i only hacked in certain rare cases
# 22:54 unfunf because i did not need to most of the time
# 22:54 Echo your ip?
# 22:54 Echo from this channel?
# 22:55 unfunf i guess it couldnt be my ip
# 22:55 Echo logs dont display ips
# 22:55 unfunf they matched me doing something from this channel
# 22:55 Echo hm
# 22:55 unfunf like one guy was suspicious and was able to put things i said in this channel together with how i acted / things i said on quake live
# 22:55 unfunf it was detectivey stuff
# 22:55 unfunf i was pretty impressed to be honest
# 22:55 unfunf i complimented his wokr
# 22:55 unfunf work
# 22:55 Echo this was quake live?
# 22:56 unfunf yea

This time around, micr0n’s first mistake was posting on ESReality without an account.

Some of his posts:

By United States of America Anonymous ( - Reply to #1
You have seen some of my demos, eh? Instead of spreading bullshit, how about you post them for others to see? I am tired of people making up things.

By United States of America Anonymous ( - Reply to #121
Good response. It's obvious you're full of shit. Grow up.

By United States of America Anonymous ( - Reply to #124
Why is it that you assume I cheat with absolutely no evidence to back that?

By United States of America Anonymous ( - Reply to #112
I suppose. I stay very calm the entire time I play, so I don't think it takes so much out of me.

By United States of America Anonymous ( - Reply to #111
You still don't know that, since you haven't seen me on a lan :D

The most important one:

By anonymous Anonymous ( - Reply to #44
Proxies? One is my IP from my apartment on osu campus. The other is my IP from my job. Neither are proxies.

The first IP resolves to a JPMorgan Chase hostname. The second IP resolves to a cable modem in Columbus, Ohio. resolves to resolves to

micr0n has also been on IRC for the past month or so without any sort of vhost/proxy.

thetoptriad is [email protected]

Some of the links below are Google cached, as he has removed pertinent information from some of the logs. The lines of text he removed show [Erased] on the live site.

# 18:36 unfunf i was just about to get this apartment in columbus
# 18:36 Echo ah cool
# 18:36 Echo for your internship?
# 18:36 unfunf really cheap, $400/mo and $200 for one of the months because im only there half the time
# 18:36 unfunf yea

# 17:25 unfunf ty, i have a job offer of $75k/year graduating right out of college
# 17:25 Nostrand no siblings to fight?
# 17:25 unfunf thank god life isnt about fighting!
# 17:25 Nostrand thats pretty good haha
# 17:25 unfunf my life will be excellent. confidence and reasonable effort are key
# 17:25 illuz1oN lol unfunf > MorphiN
# 17:26 Nostrand where is the job?
# 17:26 unfunf columbus ohio
# 17:26 Nostrand like company
# 17:26 unfunf JP Morgan & Chase

# 07:49 unfunf wtf?
# 07:49 unfunf "(Graded) Very good paper! Good supporting details on the factors of your family's class mobility. Good demonstration of your thinking about structural forces in society affecting class with reference to class readings. Best wishes for your work with JPMorgan & Chase! -- Jennifer"
# 07:50 unfunf i never revealed to that class i was working for them
# 07:50 unfunf how does she know this?
# 07:50 unfunf a bit scary

# 04:33 meth0dz Did you get that job you wanted for the summer, in Columbus or whatever?
# 04:35 unfunf meth0dz, yes
# 04:35 unfunf i did

# 00:30 unfunf i have to drive 50 miles tomorrow to get a damned drug test
# 00:30 meth0dz ([email protected]) joined #rohitab.
# 00:30 #rohitab: mode change '+v meth0dz' by Playgirl
# 00:30 unfunf and my finger prints taken
# 00:31 Echo no thanks
# 00:31 unfunf i have no choice
# 00:31 Echo i know
# 00:31 unfunf part of the requirement for jpmorgan :p
# 17:30 unfunf ugh
# 17:30 unfunf craigslisting apartments
# 17:30 unfunf fun
# 17:30 unfunf i dont want to stay with roommates during the summer for this internship
# 17:31 unfunf but it saves so much $ :(
# 17:31 Echo stay with rents
# 17:32 unfunf ?
# 17:32 Echo stay with your parents
# 17:32 unfunf it's in columbus ...

This next link is just a search string. - Channel log for #rohitab - March 29, 2010
Mar 29, 2010... 17:20 unfunf ohio doesn't either though; 17:20 Echo in the uni; 17:20 unfunf useless state; 17:20 Echo so that's good, for me ... - Cached

But when you click on the link, “ohio doesn’t either though” is replaced by [Erased].

His ESReality profile lists his location as Columbus, Ohio.

Member Since: May. 11, 2010

Notice the close proximity of all these posts and his registration date. The spring semester at Georgia Tech officially ends the first week of May.

He is taking part in the Technology Summer Analyst Development Program at JPMorgan Chase.

One of the locations is Columbus, Ohio.

So what else has he been doing?

# 04:54 unfunf lol
# 04:54 unfunf i got the bot working
# 04:54 unfunf i had to use mingw to compile it through windows
# 04:54 unfunf and modify the source extensively
# 04:54 unfunf but the shaders are fucked up
# 04:55 unfunf not that i care
# 04:55 unfunf the aimbot works
# 04:55 unfunf so i can modify it now
# 04:55 desu the one for openarena?
# 04:55 unfunf nah
# 04:55 unfunf quake 3, but i can port it to quakelive
# 04:55 unfunf with some offsets
# 04:55 desu kk
# 04:55 unfunf im going to code a smooth aimbot
# 05:01 unfunf lol
# 05:01 unfunf already coded it
# 05:01 unfunf so easy
# 05:01 unfunf i cant understand how people didnt figure out how to do this for so long
# 05:01 unfunf i divide two values by 10 and it's smooth.
# 05:01 unfunf now to allow the mouse to override it and ill have sticky aim
# 05:03 Ktc i havent had the time
# 05:03 Ktc i got as far as getting the offsets for openarena
# 05:04 Ktc though i never looked at the sauce code
# 05:05 unfunf well
# 05:05 unfunf if you get the offsets for quakelive and figure out how to hook it, tell me
# 05:05 unfunf and ill make you a smooth aimbot :>
# 07:04 unfunf welp
# 07:04 unfunf i did it
# 07:04 unfunf i made the sticky aimbot
# 07:04 unfunf now to convince someone to hook quakelive for me so i can implement it
# 07:06 unfunf guess ill fraps it
# 07:25 unfunf i did human aim
# 07:26 unfunf for q3 just now :P
# 07:26 illuz1oN fuckin hawt :D
# 07:26 unfunf just gotta port it
# 07:26 unfunf to ql
# 07:26 illuz1oN sweet
# 07:26 illuz1oN good job dude :p
# 07:26 unfunf hopefully someone will do that for me considering that i have a feature only one other person had
# 07:26 unfunf yeah it was extremely easy
# 07:26 unfunf it's just no one thought of how to do it
# 07:26 illuz1oN innovation ftw
# 07:26 unfunf it comes naturally based on the aimbot being in 'competition' with the mouse events
# 07:27 unfunf just have to divide some speed values pretty much

There is no question that thetoptriad is unfunf/micr0n. He went through a lot of trouble to try and remove information, as he knew that was how he was caught last time, to no avail. Anyway, there you have it. thetoptriad is a cheater and has been cheating for almost a decade now; in Quake 3 (many aliases), Quake 4 (a51|Marcus), UT3 (jjz), and QuakeLive (jjz/jjz22/thetoptriad).