After last month's inaugural Quake Live Top 10 Rankings list, which was extremely well received by the community, the March version has just been released. The rankings are based off of five journalist and broadcaster perspectives, with professional player votes being added next month.

With the Intel Extreme Masters Season 4 Championships now over, the rankings list looks quite similar to the final standings of the event, with some small differences. Everyone agrees on one point though, that United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson is currently the best Quake player in the world.

"The Russian continues to play sexy Quake, aggressive, compulsive and dynamic, whilst rapha is more calculated, precise, complex, fast thinking and much more the strategist than his rival" commented ReDeYe on the finals. djWHEAT was disappointed by the bottom half of the competition stating "I was so underwhelmed with the 7-12th place play, that I've actually given the 10th spot to Quake 3's infamous UnnamedPlayer. Hopefully that will incite some change in those who are currently just below that coveted 10th ranking spot. "

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