In 1997 Sten "ztn" Uusvali created the original version of Blood Run for QUAKE 1 as a homage to E1M5 Gloom Keep, and it became an instant hit. Following the release of QUAKE III Arena, ztn re-built Blood Run from scratch and released it in 2000 to an even greater reception. Over the past 9 years, Blood Run has become a staple of Duel competition, and a favorite of players around the world. Countless professional tournaments have been decided, and hundreds of thousands of dollars earned over the years within the halls of Blood Run.

Everyone on the QUAKE LIVE team would really like to thank Sten for allowing us the privilege of bringing Blood Run to QUAKE LIVE, and we know he was excited to once again bring many hours of fun to this community. Enjoy!

Official announcement: QuakeLive