Behold ! the complete list of promode movies, except for a couple, which reliable links couldn't be found for. Newest at the top.
also: claw and order #1

Movie Author
The Contenders 2 (fragging) entik
Rocket Science (fragging) subz
The Contenders (fragging) entik
Rogue Bagel (fragging) epitaph
It Wasn't A Pickup (fragging) voltran
it's pekka (fragging) ahxnxa
Owl (fragging) ovo
Fucking French Frogs (fragging) pez
soon..... (fragging) tom
Funky Fresh (vq3/cpm fragging) xgo
Raged (fragging) HerrRox
Lippu (fragging) ahxnxa & ovo
momentum (tricking) sopp4
TV (fragging) xano0ch
Puzzled (ca fragging) smok1e
Placebo (cpma/ra/osp fragging) c3llux
kicked & removed (ca fragging) ahxnxa & ovo
bad juju (fragging) 8bitlobster
My name is Rau(i)L (fragging) RauL
Aerodynamic 2 (tricking) Wussie & Ashr
Puzzled (fragging) eizid
Claw & Order (fragging) 8bitlobster
moves unlimited (tricking) CheZDa
Mercurial (fragging) AshR
Why Promode? (fragging) xano0ch
Lepus (tricking) Fei
raPed sOuls (tricking and fragging) _raZiel_
seKsey (cpma and etf fragging) eKse
mysko (effects) pez
Lags Rocket Hunting (tricking) Bunny-Burning
v2c moowee 2 (fragging) DiM
midget (fragging) tom
FEAR (fragging) zale
Last Temptation (fragging) eizid
egd by an anonymous noob (fragging) AshR
Dwarftoss2 (ca fragging) Bacchus
mini nog (fragging) pez
v2c moowee (fragging) DiM
Haste 2 (fragging) pez
RuSHer Production Movie (tricking) RuSHeR
Entropy (fragging) auror
Jumps 2 (tricking) poub
Project no. 2 (tricking and fragging) HakaN
Aerodynamic: The Promode Dance (tricking) AshR
mastering cpm21 (tricking) mew
Team Sympozium The Movie (fragging) eizid
GGL CPMA 4v4 Promotion (tricking and fragging) pez & Terbo
roboty from outer space (fragging) pez
ProMode is not SlowMode II (tricking) mUrD3r
All About ProMode Ownage (fragging) fhantom
Used and abused (fragging) Vo0
CPMA done by iverson (fragging) iverson
Haste (fragging) pez
CPMA done by Vo0 (fragging) Vo0
Project: Extreme PM (fragging) HakaN
Die Motherfucker Die (fragging) m0000
promode team deathmatch - done ez (fragging)           aggnog
ProMode is not SlowMode (tricking) mUrD3r
TriCkED 2 (tricking) pez
Bacchus'Dwarftoss (ca fragging) Bacchus
fZ|mytZ - Nothing remains the same (fragging) JoKa
Challenge ProMode Arena POV mess (fragging) mess
B3G1N To R0XX (fragging) Un1Col0r3D
Results of a CPMA LAN (fragging) SHEFT
Q3 Pie (ca fragging) Bob
Jumps (tricking) poub
TriCkeD 1 (tricking) pez
Meeting CPMA (fragging) orxata
Speedcapture: Part 1 (tricking) jabba
Darklight Promode (fragging) Darklight
Power of Speed (fragging and uh comedy) ALIEN
raccoons on the moon (tricking) bleader
raccoon cpm (tricking) bleader
Pro-Motion (tricking) clan pRophecy
promode movie (tricking) Shambler