Hello, i still consider myself fairly new to quake, i've had it for god knows how many years but regrettably only started following competitive quake 4 or 5 years ago whilst playing on an off during that time.

I picked up quake 3 at the very end of its life and loved everything about it (i only play 1v1 though). Therefore I was hoping to pick up quake 4 when everyone else did and join the competitive scene, but unfortunately online seemed to fall flat on its face. I've played q3 a lot more than q4 but I find q4 a lot more enjoyable and satisfying to play. I don't understand why more people don't agree. Crouch sliding has got to be the best invention since cheese on toast, i don't understand when people ask for CPM movement in quake 4 when you can slide like a penguin on ice.

I was watching the last i32 VOD toxjq vs avek match, i find q4 tournaments so entertaining to watch especially with a commentator such as redeye, and its pretty saddening to me when i realize its probably going to be the last major event, with the exception of quakecon. And with the end of quake 4, surely means the demise of the crouch slide.

I know it's like horribly unfriendly to the newbies and it probably changes the gameplay completely, but i would love to see crouch sliding in quake 5. All you need is a tutorial and your sorted.

I'm off to go run around the kitchen in my socks.