( This is an excerpt from another post, I figured id make a thread on forums for more visibility, beware, its kind of a long read, one which I hope will raise at least a few questions )

I know this is flamebait material, but I figured some of you may not be as narrow minded as they pretend to be....believe me theres a lot to learn from the console kids :)

I recently went to the dark side and bought a xboxcircle. Halo 3 may be filled with kids and shit, mlg seems to be a stable and ongoing platform.

Like any other quake elitist, I jumped in the console FPS fray thinking I would be able to beat 70% of the competition from day 1....lol what a world of hurt.

Halo 3 at high levels is very comparable to Quake at high levels, especially if you consider there is a very active population of 20 000 mlg players on the ranked playlist. ( in other words, im getting my ass raped 8/10 games vs mlgpro teams )

Anyhow, not trying to maraude you people over the xbox scene but anyone reading this and owning a 360 with a copy of halo 3 should at the very least try the new mlg playlist included in ranked games and realize FPS competition is alive and well in america, just on a more standardized platform with a league that actually pays the earnings :)