Today my old neighbor called me and told me he had accepted an UPS package on my behalf. I didn't really understand as I haven't ordered anything in a while. But I went to pick up the package anyways... On my crappy bike.

When I got there I was surprised to see it was a big box wrapped in black plastic. I was even more baffled when I noticed the sender was Antec Europe, Netherlands. But I took it with me anyways as my old neighbor was on his way out the door, to go on business trip abroad and he wouldn't be home for months.

When I finally got the package home (which took a while as I had to walk with my bike) I checked the Pallet Packaging List Report and it read "P150-EC".

I had planned to buy an Antec P150-EC for a while, but I couldn't recall actually ordering it. And if I did, it certainly wouldn't be from Antec Europe's headquarters in Holland.
I checked my banking account but no payment had been made. I really couldn't understand wtf was going on but then I remembered:

A while back I entered a competition on Antec's website where you had to write why you liked Antec products and such blahblah and I actually spend like 30min writing a fairly good essay.
And sure enough my name was on Power of Me Contest Winners.

But I was only supposed to get 2nd Place:
- Vcool
- iLuminate
- pair of Antec wrist bands
Instead I recieved Grand Prize:
- P150 with modular Neo HE 430 Watt power supply
which, iirc, you had to be U.S. resident to win.

A free enclosure is a nice surprise for a poor student ;)