Tied:winz to win, Odds: 69% (1.4:1)
Bets placed: E$82980, betting open: 02:54 CDT 29 Jul 2006 to 08:00 CDT 12 Aug 2006

Tied:frantic to win, Odds: 30% (3.3:1)
Bets placed: E$34670, betting open: 02:54 CDT 29 Jul 2006 to 08:00 CDT 12 Aug 2006

France winz vs Netherlands Frantic

Match Date/Time: 08:00 CDT, 12 August 2006

Upper Bracket Round 1

winz not attending

Rubber Chickens Prediction:
For me this is the hardest match to predict at this stage of the Playoffs, this is probably why I havenít placed my bet yet. So lets try and balance this out and see who technically will win.
Well in terms of practice I know Netherlands Frantic is doing fair bit of practice , France winz on the other hand bar the few ESL MLU games I have seen him play, hasn't been doing much besides Q4 Quake 4 at the moment. However as we have seen in the group stage of this EuroCup winz went to lose his first game, then went on to win the others, so with this kept in mind maybe winz can take Frantic down after a little practice.
We really can't forget though how Frantic did at the GameZone Belgium LAN that happened recently. He managed to rip through the group stage like nothing we expected, however he seemed to lose steam then go down in the later games. However if Frantic can maintain that momentum he could do some serious damage to winz maybe even taking the game. But anyway those are to pros and cons, my bet is rather pathetic but never mind...

My prediction: Netherlands Frantic beats France winz by 2-1

Clanbase EuroCup XIII: UT2004 1on1