After the recent announcement of the ClanBase Spring Season 2006, ClanBase has now announced the 13th incarnation of their prestigious EuroCups.

This thirteenth season of EuroCups will again feature LAN-Finals for some of the games. This time, there will be no Transatlantic Showdown and ClanBase will carry out the LAN-Finals on their own at a yet unknown location in Europe.

The prizemoney ClanBase can offer this time is $50.000 in total for both the games with LAN-Finals and those with Online-Finals.

How to Sign-Up:
In connection with this announcement, the signup period for OpenCups and EuroCups has been increased until Sunday, 16th of April. All Clans and Players that want to participate in the EuroCups or OpenCups can sign-up here. Please keep in mind, that the EuroCups are "invite-only" tournaments and there is no way to directly sign up for a EuroCup.

You can read the full announcement on the EuroCup XIII here on ClanBase.

*** EDIT: ***
The signup period is running out soon! You can only register yourself and/or your clan for the EuroCups and OpenCups for less than 2 days. You can sign up until Monday, 17th April - 12.00 CET.