Okay so I am known for throwing every excuse under the sun at a player after i lose in a duel.

I thought I’d share most of my excuses with the world as no one would go un-aided in the world of playing games online.

I am sure you can change the tenses so u can throw them out at an end of a match or even before the /ready :P


My ping isn't stable
My ping is 2 high
I keep spiking
I seem to spike every time i try and rail
I blame nildram


My aim is fucked today
My aim is shit to due to not practicing enough
I am 2 tired to bother clicking on your keel model


My config is fucked up
I am using an old config
I just changed my accel / sensitivity / enemy model / crosshair / picmip / nomip


My headphones are round the wrong way
My headphones are playing up
I have music on
My mouse sens just changed (hitting the mx518 sens + and - buttons)
My mouse is fucked
My mouse is sticky
My mouse mat is sticky
I just changed my mouse
I just changed my mouse mat
I just washed my mouse mat it's to slippery
My monitor keeps flashing to a different colour
I just changed my monitor resolution
My soundcard is playing up
The sound keeps dropping
My chair is just off centre
My keyboard moved slightly
Msn / Random pop up fucked my screen, it made it go all dark
I have a virus scan on the go
My internet died / router reset itself

general distraction

The spec put me off
The spec connecting put me off
The spec renaming gay put me off
My mum/bro/dog/cat just entered my room and put me off
I am ill
I have a cold
I can't hear properly
I don't try hard enough
Girls ruin your mad skillz
I have been playing to much ffa balls
I can't time items anymore
I don't concentrate, you shouldn't have to
My contacts hamper my close up monitor vision
I don't have my contacts in
Camping armours in tdm is boring lone wolfing and dieing is a lot more fun.
It's to warm / cold / light to play
It's to early for quake

Feel free to add some of your own to the list :D

No one has the excuse for having no excuse lined up for when they lose from this day forward.

Someone could add lan ones as i wasn't leet /geeky enough to attend one ;P