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doz3r Frag-o-Matic 17.1 gametypes Team Deathmatch
doz3r Which site will you be using? +f
doz3r CTF League/cup in Jan 2015, are you in? No
doz3r When were you introduced to quake? 1997-1999
doz3r Donations to send duelers to QC'14 No
doz3r 125 FPS Showmatch - Cooller vs Strenx Cooller
doz3r Why do you subscribe to QuakeLive? To Support Quake
doz3r Best 2011 movie? Cooller 2010/2011
doz3r DreamHack Winter 2011 TDM winner Kittylovers
doz3r DreamHack Winter 2011 Gametype(s)? Team Deathmatch
doz3r TZAC ANTICHEAT for QL? Yes
doz3r What mouse do you use? Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
doz3r MG Damage in TDM 5 dmg
doz3r Increased Hitbox size Good
doz3r Zotac QL Cup Mappool Blood Run
Vertical Vengance
House of Decay
doz3r TDM Maps for DreamHack Summer 2011 Dreadful Place (q3shw23)
Hidden Fortress (dm20)
Intervention (osp6)
Realm of Steel Rats (cpm4)
doz3r CB EC XXII: MVP 4K* Krysa
doz3r Quakelive subscription I'm not happy and want free months!
doz3r What Quake Live Account do you have? Pro
doz3r What QL account would you pay for ? Pro account
doz3r 2nd player for CB CTF All-star game ? GER_xtro
doz3r DevPick Servers: Apr. 16-18 *facepalm*
doz3r Who will be the IEM Asian Champion? Jibo (CN)
doz3r Current Web Browser Firefox
doz3r Spawns & Timelimit 15 minutes
doz3r Nations Cup Choices...! TDM
doz3r Which comeback would you rather see? toxjq
doz3r What mode for QL EMS5? TDM
doz3r When did you start visiting ESReality? 2003
doz3r What cg_fov for ESL-TV stream? cg_fov 100
doz3r Which game mode do you play the most? Team Deathmatch
doz3r Why noctis left EMS4? Cause he's emo (top choice so far)
doz3r QL Duel Mappool Replace qztourney6
doz3r Lightning gun damage? 7-7-7
doz3r Does kgb cheat? No way! Shut up clan519
doz3r What did you get for Xmas? Hardware
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