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Recommend me a monitor, please (19 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 21:27 CST, 16 November 2010 - iMsg
Dear ESR users, please recommend me a monitor, as I am a complete newbie when it comes to this type of hardware.

Don't want to spend that much on it, I certainly don't want costs of a 120hz LCD one like the 2233rz, since I stopped playing QL a while ago. Also, I'll probably still use my CRT if I want to play some Quake in the future.

What I want is a size of about 20-22" for normal purposes like watching films, working, and playing some casual games without or with little ghosting and input lag, if that's possible.

So, in general, a good monitor for a good price.

Thank you for any recommendations in advance!
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What's with the megalomania (20 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 17:14 CDT, 29 September 2010 - iMsg
Almost every newly developed Quake Live level seems to be really big when compared with the classic levels. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, at least in duel, making most maps very much rail heavy. For instance, I'd love t7 to be 20-30% vertically smaller, so that I could actually defend against a railing opponent in the MH and RA rooms when I don't have an RG. New maps for other game modes are also huge. Although I don't play the other modes nearly as much as I duel, the trend is quite evident. I'm certainly not a person who'd support making small and simple levels, but I think a better balance between open and closed spaces would be nice.

At least that's the impression that I've been getting lately, maybe I'm wrong. What's your view on that?
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Garpy doesn't like dkt? (20 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 14:41 CDT, 11 September 2010 - iMsg
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Looking for a movie - Sergio (No comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 09:58 CDT, 21 August 2010 - iMsg
Can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help? The movie is called Sergio, it's from 2009 and was produced by HBO. Thought I'd ask, maybe someone stumbled upon it somewhere on the web.

trailer @ YT
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Pre-Dreamhack Cypher Interview (19 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 18:10 CDT, 18 June 2010 - iMsg
Belarus Alexey "Cypher" Yanushevsky began his trip to DreamHack Summer 2010 this Wednesday, when he departed from Minsk in a train to Warsaw, where he was picked up by his friend and clanmate, Poland Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski. During Cypher's short stay in the Polish capital city, we filmed an interview in which he discuses a number of things, such as his attitude towards Quake Live, the e-sports scene in Belarus, as well as his expectations of the upcoming DreamHack and ESWC tournaments. You can watch this almost 25-minute talk at Headshot TV.
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ESWC 2010 Invited Participants (53 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 13:30 CDT, 23 April 2010 - iMsg
The Electronic Sports World Cup has recently announced the invited players to participate in its global finals event that will be held from June 30 to July 4, 2010 in Paris, France.

Quake fans may be particularly interested that, among others, four well-known Quake Live players were invited, as well. The list consists of:
United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson (Master of Greece winner)
Sweden Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira (Master of Greece runner-up)
Poland Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski (Master of Greece 3rd place finisher)
Belarus Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky (ESWC 2008 Defending Champion)

It is worth adding that all of the players listed above accepted their invitations, which means that we will most definitely see at least two Swedish, American, and Polish participants at the ESWC Finals - one from the qualifier and the other one invited directly to the event.

Link: Announcement
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During rapha's visit to Poland (59 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 11:09 CDT, 31 March 2010 - iMsg
When both in Krakow, a friend of mine, Poland Wojciech "Vh" Guzik, gave United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson a small gift. Since not only the ESR community had a laugh out of the infamous avek's interview and, in particular, the fragment about stealing one's cell phone and shoes, Vh came up with this little idea.

What he has given rapha is a small piece of hardened paper that looks like a classic Polish student card. Every university, college, basically every educational establishment that teaches people on an above-high school level gives out one of those to their students.

This kind of ID entitles you up to 50% discounts on prices for travelling by public transportation. It's also written in the upper-right corner of every card, "This card entitles you to..." and so on. I guess that it's the same in every country.

What's so special about this specific card is that my friend has entitled the card, "Quake player ID" and altered the text in the right corner, so a loose translation goes like this:
- This card entitles you to not lose your shoes when encountering primary school pupils;
- This card entitles you to not lose your cell phone when encountering primary school pupils;
- This card entitles you to not lose your watch when encountering primary school pupils.

Here's a picture of the card:

And here's a pic of Vh giving the card to rapha :)

Just wanted you to know that there are still some Poles that aren't raging about everything :)
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Another rapha interview (44 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 11:39 CDT, 26 March 2010 - iMsg
Another interview with United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson was published yesterday at a Polish gaming Web TV station - Headshot TV. Since Shane was visiting Poland a few days ago, I couldn't miss the opportunity to sit down and have a talk with him.

There's some new interesting information about his opinion on Quake Live and his personal life. We discussed, among other topics, the current situation at SK-Gaming, the IEM Championship, and rapha's religious beliefs. You can also find out if he's afraid of losing his cell phone and his shoes while in Poland.

You can check out the interview at
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One thing that Dreamhack proved is that (217 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 12:13 CST, 1 December 2009 - iMsg
QL needs GTV dramatically. That was one of the most major events in QL's short history and there was literary no way of seeing some of the most interesting games played there. The quarter-finals, for instance, were played simultaneously and it was impossible to stream all of them. My friends (Poland av3k and Poland tox1c) were there. I couldn't follow tox1c's struggle vs Sweden fazz and vs Italy stermy. With GTV, that would not have been an issue.

About the streams
The quality of the stream was far from perfect, although I cannot complain since I really need a slide show in order to whine about that kind of stuff.

I'll only briefly mention the inconveniences of using only one cfg chosen by the streamer and being unable to turn off the commentary altogether. That actually didn't bother me but I'm sure it did annoy some people. Like my girlfriend, for example, who was watching the finals with me at my place and is a big fan of ESL TV by the way.

Also, in order to see ANY of the games, two guys from the US stayed up from 3 or 4 AM, shoutcasted and videocasted them. What if there were no people willing to sacrifice their private time in order to bring something like a videocast for the Quake Live community?

Most of the demos are lost, as this topic proves. So, we won't be able to see the games that were not streamed ever. That's obviously negligence from the tournament organisers, and, in a way, of the players themselves. But, on the other hand, there would be tons of demos recorded from GTV and nobody would worry about it.

What does it take to set up a video stream

Doing a video cast requires resources, in HSTV's case (an Internet TV station that I occasionally do videocasts for) it is a studio that you have to provide for, hardware worth tens of thousands Euros, servers that cost quite a lot on a monthly basis, and, at least two people in the studio at the time of the broadcast that will definitely not work for free.

My point is that no one will bother to use such resources to stream a final of, let's say, the third division Quake Live Clan Arena Open Cup. I know it from experience. And what I also know, this time from a players experience, is that there would be people wanting to watch it.

I am more than certain that there are tons of interesting CTF, duel, and TDM minor league games that we cannot see, while sometimes we would like to. The ClanBase Quake Live EuroCup is almost not covered at all, I personally was unable to see any of the Zotac Cups (which usually stream by JustinTV, which simply lags for me), BiBS, and many, many others. I am sure that there will be many, many brilliant games that we all will miss if the situation doesn't change. I probably do not have to describe how frustrated and angry that makes me.

What if?
The most important point that I would like to address is that I fear what would happen if snelvovve wasn't able to find the time to sit in front of his computer for hours and broadcast. The only stream that I would be able to tune in is a crappy JustinTV, which lags like heck for some unknown reason. Then, I would be completely unable to see the games. Is that ID's aim? To make enjoying the game impossible?

Why is it like that?

I do not understand why does ID treat it like it is their duty to maximise profits from videostreaming. If tournament organisers are unable to set-up a videostream, they are left with nothing. If they have an option such as GTV, they can always chose not to use it. Right now, ID is making the choice for them. When the internet TV station I occasionally work for (HSTV) go to an event, every single time we sign agreements that we have rights to broadcast the event. Most of the time these are exclusive rights, which means that we can chose whether to allow the use of HLTV/WaaarghTV/GTV in addition to our stream.

I am also completely unable to understand why ID Software does not treat it like one of the utmost priorities regarding Quake Live. Half of the joy that I got out of Quake 3 was watching other gamers struggle. Often with friends on skype/ts or with some lads at my place, with chips and beer. Now, there's barely an opportunity to spend some time like that.

I can honestly say that due to lack of GTV, Quake Live is not nearly as fun as Quake 3 was.

Let us chose what to watch!

What I understand is the optimism and enthusiasm about videocasts after events like ESL Dubai. But, this was only a single flawless event, coverage wise. All of the other events had their downsides and issues. There's much more to Quake Live than just single events with pro-gamers in them. But, with the absence of GTV, those events will be the only ones that we will be able to fully enjoy.

ps. I do consider myself a great fan of the game. I play it more than often, it takes a lot of my free time, and I do not have a lot of it lately. But, this one thing really disturbs and saddens me.
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Just finished Modern Warfare 2 SP... (44 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 12:37 CST, 10 November 2009 - iMsg one sitting! Took me about seven hours to finish it all (edit: 5 hours and 33 minutes, according to the statistics).

Going to check out the special operations next, good thing I took a day off work for that game, and my GF is hanging out with her friends today.

Anyone care for a co-op for the spec-ops?

About the SP:
Yeah, well, it's nothing really innovative, except the spec-ops probably. But, for a guy that occasionally studies film theory and knows some stuff about script writing, stories structure and writing in general, single missions that don't contain any story at all are not the thing that I paid my money for. Of course, the spec-ops is a nice addition that 14YOs will spend a shit load of time at in order to win all the possible achievements.

The campaign, in general, is interesting. Much too fast at the beginning, imo. The good thing about it is that you feel the complexity of large military operations and the chaos in battlefields that sometimes is virtually bizarre. The downside of it is that you can barely keep up with the pace, so you get the feeling that it's still only a computer game, not a good movie, for instance.

But, it gets better in time. The levels are constructed with more detail, some special moments that I've never seen before in a computer game occur. Also, the focus is slowly shifting more towards what's going on here and now, and less to the script that is much less minimalistic in the first MW.

Overall, the game gains complexity and diversity but loses distance towards itself. To rephrase, it's much too serious, in my opinion. But, as a computer game, it's brilliant. The SP campaign is almost as good as the previous MW. Definitely a thing to buy.


Btw, Ghost was probably Gaz, since he had exactly the same voice as Gaz did in the first Modern Warfare. Too bad he got screwed along with Roach towards the end of the game :(
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Advanced Client Options (100 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 05:50 CDT, 15 October 2009 - iMsg
Since the Advanced Client Options topic on the Quake Live forums has been deleted and there is virtually no single place to get a full list of commands in Quake Live, I've compiled this list. It was edited and supplement by me according to the original Advanced Client Options topic and all the changelogs available after February 23rd, 2009 - this is when the first Advanced Client Options list was put together by SyncError on the Quake Live forums.

Note that the list is alphabetical, with exceptions when there's a logical list of commands concerning one another.

If you have more basic problems with Quake Live, e.g. you don't even know how to actually start editing your config, I recommend looking at the Yakumo's Ultimate Quake Live Guide. More experienced players may find it helpful, as well. You can find a lot of useful information along with a significant number of practical tips and tricks.

I hope that SyncError won't ban me for using his write-ups ;(

Advanced Client Options

QUAKE LIVE is a highly configurable game that often allows the client to customize certain aspects to be tailored to your liking. Some of these client variables (or cvars for short) are accessible the Game Settings link on the site or the Game Settings menu in-game. Although, there are many additional options available by altering 'cvars' from within the in-game console.
• To access the console in-game press: CTRL+ALT+~ (on your QWERTY keyboard). This will drop down the command console. To make the console easier to toggle, you can now type com_allowconsole 1. After doing so, you may now toggle the console on or off by simply pressing ~.

• Typing the beginning of a cvar or command and pressing TAB will autocomplete, or show all the commands that start with those letters.

• Pressing the up and down arrows on your keyboard will scroll through text already typed into the console.

• Pressing page up and page down will skip entire pages, combine these with ctrl to go to the very top or bottom of the console.

Here is a list of some commonly used or new cvars in QUAKE LIVE:
• bot_minplayers - default: "0"
Number of slots filled up by bots on a listen server.

• bot_nochat <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will disable the chat messages from bot ai players in Practice Mode.

• cg_allowTaunt <0|1> – default: "1"
Disable gesture events clientside in addition to disabling Team Arena style VO taunts when this cvar is disabled. To set off the own playermodel sound taunt bind a key to "+button3."

• cg_autoaction <0|1|2|3> – default: "0"
0 - do nothing
1 - auto record demo
2 - auto record a screenshot at end of game
3 - auto record demo and screenshot

On Windows XP systems, demos are stored in the "%appdata%\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\demos" folder (baseq3\screenshots folder for screenshots), while on Windows Vista they are located in "%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\demos"

• cl_demoRecordMessage <0|1> – default: "1"
Allows you to toggle the "RECORDING..." message on the hud when recording a demo.

• cg_autoswitch <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "0" will disable the automatic switching to weapons that are picked up.

• cg_bob <0-1> - default: "1"
Lower values between 0-1 will reduce the amount your player view bobs as they walk, values of "0" will remove all bobbing. This is highly useful for players who suffer from motion sickness.

• cg_bubbleTrail <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggling this cvar off disables the underwater bubble trails drawn behind many bullets and projectiles while underwater.

• cg_buzzerSound <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggling this cvar off disables the end-game buzzer sound in all gametypes.

• cg_brasstime - default: "2500"
Time in ms that takes shell casings to dissappear. Use 0 for no casings at all.

• cg_chatBeep <0|1> – default: "1"
Allows you to enable/disable the audible beep when you receive a message.

• cg_teamChatBeep <0|1> – default: "1"
Allows you to enable/disable the audible beep when you receive a message from a teammate.

• cg_compHud <0|1> – default: "0"
Enable the stream friendly hud on private servers.

• cg_crosshairBrightness <0.00-1.00> - default: "1"
Lower values between 0-1 will make the crosshair appear darker, becoming black at "0."

• cg_crosshairColor <1|2|3|...|24|25|26> - default: "7"
Alternate colors for your crosshair are selectable by setting this cvar to a different value between 1-26.

• cg_crosshairHealth <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will set your make your crosshair color reflect your health. While healthy it will appear white and as you take damage it will turn yellow, orange and then red when you are near death.

• cg_crosshairPulse <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will prevent your crosshair from enlarging momentarily when you pickup an item as a pick-up indicator.

• cg_crosshairSize - default: "32"
Lower or higher values may be used to decrease or increase the size of your crosshair.

• cg_deadBodyDarken <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggling this cvar on will darken 'bright' players as soon as they become corpses.

• cg_deadBodyColor <0xRRGGBBFF> - default: "0x101010FF"
Altering this cvar allows you to customize the color applied to dead bright bodies when cg_deadBodyDarken is enabled.

• cg_draw2D <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will remove all HUD elements including your crosshair, useful for capturing 'clean' screenshots.

• cg_drawAmmoWarning <0|1|2> – default: "1"
Low Ammo Warnings that display when a weapon is below 20% max ammo (Less than 5 for weapons with 25 max, less than 30 for weapons with 150 max). A value of "2" Allows a client to use a smaller text display for their 'Low Ammo Warning' and 'Out of Ammo' warning messages.

• cg_lowAmmoWarningPercentile <0.01 - 1.00> - default: "0.20"
Customizes when you are warned of being low on ammo.

• cg_lowAmmoWarningSound <0|1|2> – default: "1"
Allows a client to toggle the low ammo warning sound on or off.
0 - disabled
1 - dow Ammo Clip Reload Sound played for Low Ammo, No Ammo Click Sound played for No Ammo
2 - no Ammo Click Sound played for both Low and No Ammo

• cg_lowAmmoWeaponBarWarning <0|1|2> (Default: 2)
0 - disabled
1 - draw weaponBar ammo value in red when empty
2 - draw weaponBar ammo value in yellow when low and red when empty

• cg_drawattacker <0|1> - default "0"
Shows a picture of the attacker.

• cg_drawcrosshair <1|2|3|...19|20|21> - default: "5"
Sets the style of the crosshair (1-21). Use 0 for no crosshair.

• cg_drawCrosshairNames <0|1|2> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will prevent player's names appearing when you point your crosshair at them.
0 - disabled
1 - draw crosshairnames for both enemies and teammates
2 - draw crosshairnames only for your teammates, enemy names will not pop-up.

• cg_drawCrosshairTeamHealth <0|1> - default: "1"
Displays a teammates health and armor below their name when you hover your crosshair over them.

• cg_drawCrosshairNamesOpacity <0-1> - default: "0.75"
Controls the opacity of the player names displayed when using cg_drawCrosshairNames 1 or 2.

• cg_drawFullWeaponBar <0|1> - default: "1"
0 - draw only currently held weapons on the weaponBar
1 - draw all weapons available in the map on the weaponBar

• cg_drawFPS <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will display the frames per second that your game is rendering, useful for evaluating system peformance.

• cg_drawFragMessages <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggling this cvar off disables the 'You Fragged So-and-So' centerprint message from drawing on your screen. The shorthand obituary will still print to the HUD to make note of any kills.

• cg_drawfriend <0|1> - default "1"
Draws a yellow triangle above teammates (works only in team games).

• cg_drawGun <0|1|2> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will hide your weapon from view. A value of "2" will display your weapon, but it will not sway as you walk.

• cg_drawItemPickups <0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7> - default: "3"
0 - disabled
1 - draw Icon on Pickup
2 - draw Item Name on Pickup
3 - draw Icon + Item Name on Pickup
4 - draw Timestamp on Pickup
5 - draw Timestamp + Icon on Pickup
6 - draw TimestampItem Name on Pickup
7 - draw Timestamp + Icon + Item Name on Pickup

• cg_drawRewards <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will disable the display of any in-game awards you receive, such as "Impressive," "Excellent," or "Humiliation."

• cg_drawSpecMessages and cg_drawPregameMessages <0|1>
Hide messages from the pregame / spec hud.

• cg_drawTeamOverlay <0|1|2|3> – default: "1"
Toggles whether you see additional information about your team on your HUD (works only in team games).
0 - disabled
1 - draw TeamOverlay in Upper Right Corner. The TeamOverlay will expand down as the team size grows
2 - draw TeamOverlay in Lower Right Corner. The TeamOverlay will expand up as the team size grows

• cg_selfOnTeamOverlay <0|1> – default: "0"
Toggles whether you see yourself in the team overlay.

• cg_clanOnTeamOverlay <0|1> – default: "0"
0 - do not display clan tag information in Team Overlay
1 - display clan tag information in Team Overlay

• cg_drawTeamOverlayX <-640-640> – dDefault: "0"
Offset the TeamOverlay right or left from its current position by the specified number of pixels along the x-axis.

• cg_drawTeamOverlayY <-480-480> – dDefault: "0"
Offset the TeamOverlay up or down from its current position by the specified number of pixels along the y-axis.

• cg_drawTeamOverlayOpacity <0.00-1.00> – dDefault: "0.33"
Alter the opacity of the TeamOverlay background.

• cg_enableRespawnTimer <0|1> – default: "0"
Draw the respawn timings of certain items (armor, megahealth, powerups) for spectators -- on private servers only. This feature is dependent upon server-side shoutcaster privileges being enabled. Items are sorted by height according to their placement in the level for non-ctf games, and are sorted by team according to proximity from flag in CTF.

• cg_followKiller <0|1> – default: "0"
Automatically switching to the killer of the player that has been fragged when in spectator mode.

• cg_followPowerup <0|1|2> – default: "0"
Automatically switching to following the player that has picked up the powerup when in spectator mode. Also supports a value of 2, which will not switch to a lesser power-up if already following a flag carrier.

• cg_forceEnemyModel - default "(null)"
Setting this cvar to a "<modelname>" or "<modelname>/<skinname>" such as "keel/bright" will force all enemies to appear to be using the keel/bright model. This is most often used to enable "brightskins." Crash, Keel, TankJr and Visor all have skins called "bright" and "sport" which provide high contrast options. Additionally, the "bright" skins can be colored with the setenemycolor cvars. The models that can use brightskins are: "tankjr," "keel," "visor," and "crash."

• cg_forceEnemyWeaponColor <0|1> - default: "0"
Force enemies' grenades and rails to use 'Enemy Upper Color' (cg_enemyUpperColor).

• cg_forceTeamWeaponColor <0|1> - default: "0"
Force teammates' grenades and rails to use 'Team Upper Color' (cg_teamUpperColor).

• cg_forceTeamModel - default: "(null)"
Setting this cvar to a "<modelname>" or "<modelname>/<skinname>" such as "ranger" will force all teammates to appear to be using the ranger model and appropriate team colored skin.

• cg_fov <10-130> - default: "90"
High values will increase the field of vision of your player view allowing you to see more of the game world. Lower values will decrease the amount you can see but may make it easier to aim over long distances.

• cg_gibs <0-15> - default: "10"
A value of "0" disables all electro gibs. Lower or higher values decrease or increase the death spark effects.

• cg_gunX <-10 until 10> - default: "0"
Offsets where the gun is drawn on the X-plane on a players first person view.
Length of weapon.

• cg_gunY <-10 until 20> - default: "0"
Offsets where the gun is drawn on the Y-plane on a players first person view.
Position of weapon. Default "0" is slightly right from the middle.

• cg_gunZ <-8 until 0> - default: "0"
Offsets where the gun is drawn on the Z-plane on a players first person view.
Size of the weapon. Negative values will decrease the size.

• cg_HitBeep <0/1/2/3> - default: "2"
Playing different tones based on the amount of damage done to an opponent. 2 and 3 is like CPMA style.
0 - Off
1 - single tone, old style
2 - new multi-tone option
3 - reverse multi-tone option

• cg_crosshairHitStyle <0-8> - default: "2"
Allowing the same information given by cg_HitBeep to be displayed via the crosshair. Styles breakdown as follows:
0 - Off, default
1 - Colorize the crosshair based on damage dealt.
2 - Colorize the crosshair to color designated by cg_crosshairHitColor.
3 - Pulse the crosshair. (This is an exaggerated/scaled pulse)
4 - Colorize by damage and Pulse the crosshair.
5 - Colorize by cg_crosshairHitColor and Pulse the crosshair.
6 - Pulse the crosshair with a smaller pulse. (same size as the cg_crosshairPulse uses when picking items up)
7 - Colorize by damage and pulse with smaller pulse.
8 - Colorize by cg_crosshairHitColor and pulse with smaller pulse.

NOTE: If using the exaggerated pulse, you may want to set your cg_crosshairSize to 16, as the default 32 can be a bit overboard.

• cg_crosshairHitColor <1|2|3|...|24|25|26> - default: "1"
For hit styles that have a fixed color. For example, some players simply want the crosshair to turn red when a hit is made, rather than change color based on damage applied.

• cg_crosshairHitTime – default: "200"
Allows players to modify the amount of time the crosshair hit effect is displayed.

• cg_impactSparks <0|1> - default: "1"
0 - Disabled
1 - Causes the enemy to spark when they are hit by any non-explosive weapons

• cg_impactSparksLifetime <0-1000> - default: "250"
Time in milliseconds before impactSparks fade out.

• cg_impactSparksSize <2-16> - default: "8"
Adjust the size of the impactSparks.

• cg_impactSparksVelocity <-128-128> - default: "128"
Speed in which impactSparks gravitate up or down.

• cg_kickScale <0-1> - default: "1"
A value lower than one will decrease the amount that your screen shakes or kicks when you receive damage. A value of "0" will remove all damage feedback related shaking.

• cg_screenDamage <0xRRGGBBAA> - default: "0x700000C8"
Colorizes the on screen damage indicator; use "cg_screenDamage 0" to disable.

• cg_screenDamage_Self <0xRRGGBBAA> - default: "0x00000000"
Toggles the on screen damage indicator for self damage. (for example, damage from rocket jumping).

• cg_screenDamage_Team <0xRRGGBBAA> - default: "0x700000C8"
Colorizes the on screen damage indicator for team damage; use "cg_screenDamage_Team 0" to disable. (Friendly Fire in Team Deathmatch).

• cg_lagometer <0|1|2> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will display a netgraph that shows your network packet traffic including received, rejected and lost packets. Only online. A value of "2" will display the client ping estimation along with the standard lag-o-meter graph.

• cg_levelTimerDirection <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will alter the timer clock to count upwards towards the timelimit, rather than displaying the time left remaining in the match.

• cg_lightningImpact <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggles the impact fx created when the lightning stream impacts a surface.

• cg_lightningStyle <1|2|3|4|5> – default: "1"
Altering this cvar will cycle through various lightning stream effects.
1 - Default Q3/QL
2 - QuakeWorld inspired
3 - Team Arena shaft
4 - Thin shaft
5 - Picmipped shaft

• cg_railStyle <1|2> - default: "1"
The new naming of the cg_oldRail cvar fits in line with the cg_lightningStyle and the old convention made little sense, as the reference 'old' is lost between iterations of the game.

• cg_rocketStyle <1|2> - default: "1"
The new naming of the cg_oldRocket cvar fits in line with the cg_lightningStyle and the old convention made little sense, as the reference 'old' is lost between iterations of the game.

• cg_plasmaStyle <1|2> - default: "1"
The new naming of the cg_oldPlasma cvar fits in line with the cg_lightningStyle and the old convention made little sense, as the reference 'old' is lost between iterations of the game.

• cg_playerLean <0-1> - default: "1"
Scales or disables the player lean effect caused by high velocities.

• cg_muzzleFlash <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggles the muzzle flashes.

• cg_smoke_SG <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggles shotgun smoke puffs on/off. A value of 0 will entirely disable the smoke puffs.

• cg_smokeRadius_GL – default: "64"
Scales the size of the grenade/proxy smoke trails. A value of 0 will entirely disable the smoke trails.

• cg_smokeRadius_RL – default: "32"
Scales the size of the rocket smoke trails. A value of 0 will entirely disable the smoke trails.

• cg_smokeRadius_NG – default: "16"
Lowering the value of this cvar will scale the radius of the smoke puffs drawn in the nailgun trails. A value of 0 will entirely disable the smoke trails.

• cg_switchToEmpty <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggles the ability to switch to weapons that have no ammo.

• cg_nopredictItems <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will provide more accurate pickup notification sounds, however at the cost of potentially delayed playback.

• cg_playernames <0|1> – default: "1"
Draws player names above their heads while you spectate (both freecam and 1st person spec).

• cg_playTeamVO <0|1> – default: "1"
Allows a client to disable some of the team related VO, to option out of the new Team Deathmatch VO behavior.

• cg_predictLocalRailShots <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will feel less responsive in high ping environments but may prevent wrongly predicted railshots and/or impacts.

• cg_redTeam, cg_redTeamShort, cg_blueTeam, and cg_blueTeamShort
Clientside cvars to override the team name displayed in the hud scorebox and follow info message for use in stream broadcasts

• cg_respawnTimerX and cg_respawnTimerY
Controls the position of where spectator respawn timers are drawn.

• cg_simpleitems <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will use 2D image icons to display in-game items.

• cg_speedometer <0-3> - default: "0"
Monitors your horizontal velocity:
0 - disabled
1 - lag-o-meter style graph
2 - value and graph under crosshair
3 - value under crosshair

NOTE: Added CG_SPEEDOMETER UI component accessible by custom HUDs.

• cg_switchOnEmpty <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will prevent the automatic switching to a new weapon when attempting to fire a weapon without ammo.

• cg_trueLightning <0-1> - default: "1"
A value of "1" will remove any sway from the lightning gun stream to make it easier to aim with, while values closer to "0" will increase the sway but more accurately represent where the lightning is currently impacting.

If you want your shaft to appear in the place where it hits, including antilag effects, you need:

y = 1 (ping 80ms or less)
y = 80 / x (ping greater than 80ms)

x is ping in ms, y is value of cg_truelightning. This is confirmed by Sync Error.

• cg_waterWarp <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggling this cvar off disables the minor under-water warping effected that exists when submerged underwater. The effect has little impact on gameplay but can be induce disorientation in some players.

• cg_weaponBar <0|1|2|3|4> - default: "1"
0 - disabled
1 - Left docked icons
2 - Right docked icons
3 - Center docked icons
4 - Large floating icons (Legacy Q3 Style)

• cg_drawFullWeaponBar <0|1> - default: "1"
0 - draw only currently held weapons on the weaponBar
1 - draw all weapons available in the map on the weaponBar

• cg_zoomFov <10-130> - default: "22.5"
The field of view used while zooming

• cg_zoomOutOnDeath <0|1> – default: "1"
Resets player FOVs back to normal on death. This is useful if you use the cg_zoomToggle cvar.

• cg_zoomScaling <0|1> – default: "1"
Toggling this cvar off disables the zooming in / zooming out scaling effect that is used as a transition between your cg_fov and cg_zoomfov; causing the +zoom to act as a quick snap to and from the zoomed fov.

• cg_zoomSensitivity <float> - default: "1"
The value of this cvar is multiplied to our current zoom sensitivity, allowing the user to increase or decrease their sensitivity while zoomed. A value of 0 will revert the zoomSensitivity code to the Q3 legacy code that was previously available in QuakeLive.

• cg_zoomToggle <0|1> – default: "0"
Toggling this cvar on alters the behavior of +zoom such that a single key press will enable zooming and a repeated keystroke disables zooming, no longer requiring players to hold the key down while zooming.

• cl_allowConsoleChat <0|1> – default: "0"
Allows a client to use the console area as a chat box, text entries that do not begin with a '\' will be transmitted as chat text.

• cl_conTimeStamps <0|1|2> – default: "0"
Enables console time stamps. Can display values in game time.
0 - Do nothing
1 - Show values in game time (affected by cg_levelTimerDirection)
2 - Show values in servertime

• cl_currentServerAddress
This cvar is set to the ip address of the game server you are currently connected to. Obtaining the servers IP address may be necessary during testing.

• cl_mouseAccel <float> - default: "0"
Mouse acceleration value. If you are using acceleration (values higher than 0), the faster you move your mouse, the higher your sensitivity will be. If you leave this cvar at 0, you will always have a constant mouse sensitivity.

• cl_mouseAccelStyle <0|1> - default: "0"
Mouse acceleration style that you can use.
0 - old Quake 3 style
1 - new Quake Live style

• cl_mouseAccelOffset <float> - default: "5"
Sets how much base mouse delta will be doubled by acceleration. Look at the description of the cl_mouseAccelStyle cvar for more information.

• cl_mouseSensCap – default: "0"
Capping the mouse speed if you are using acceleration. Pass it an equivalent sensitivity with no acceleration value, and the acceleration code will not go beyond that. Please note that it will work with both possible cl_mouseAccelStyle values (0 and 1).

• com_blood <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "1" let's you pummel and shoot dead bodies.

• g_overtime <0|1> – default: "1"
Enable overtime periods. Overtime will be on by default in Duel and Team Deathmatch, with each overtime period lasting 2 minutes.

• g_suddenDeathRespawn* - listcvars
Sudden Death Respawn Delays in sudden death games (CTF). By default, upon entering sudden death, the player respawn time will go to 3 seconds (from the default 2.1s during normal gameplay), and increment by one second every minute, up to a maximum of 10 seconds after 7 minutes of sudden death.

• in_mouse <-1|0|1|2> – default: "1"
Mouse input mode.
-1 - Win32
0 - Off
1 - DirectInput
2 - Raw (best)

• in_mouseMode
Displays the active mouse settings and input mode.

• in_restart
Restarts the input system. It is necessary to activate any input changes.

• in_joystick <0|1> – default: "0"
Set to 1 to enable gamepad support. If you experience that you are unable to move, set "in_joyballscale 1."

• model - default: "Sarge"
Alter this cvar to set your <model> or <model/skin> such as "Ranger" or "Ranger/blue."

• r_ambientScale <1|100> - default: "10"
Controls the amount of ambient light on the map that is cast upon players. Gives a little glow effect. Higher common brightness (for r_gamma, r_overBrightBits, r_mapoverbrightbits, r_intensity) will decrease the effect.

• r_dynamiclight <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will remove dynamic lighting that surrounds rocket projectiles.

• r_enableBloom <0|1|2> - default: "0"
Toggle the Bloom post processing effect (Requires r_enablePostProcess 1).

• r_bloomBrightThreshold <0-1>
Requires Bloom Enabled. The lower the threshold, the more will be bloomed.

• r_bloomSaturation <0-10>
Requires Bloom Enabled. The higher the bloom saturation, the more colorful the bloom.

• r_bloomIntensity <0-10>
Requires Bloom Enabled. The higher bloom intensity, the brighter the bloom.

• r_bloomSceneSaturation <0-10>
Requires Bloom Enabled. The higher the scene saturation, the more colorful the non-bloomed world is.

• r_bloomSceneIntensity <0-10>
Requires Bloom Enabled. The higher the scene intensity, the brighter the non-bloomed world is.

• r_enableColorCorrect <0|1> - default: "1
Toggle the Color Correction post processing effect (Requires r_enablePostProcess 1).

• r_enablePostProcess <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will degrade the quality of lighting in exchange for a boost in performance. 1 is used to get the skins a bit brighter.

• r_fastsky <0|1> - default: "0"
A value of "1" will replace the animated skybox with a solid black texture, primarily used for enhancing performance.

• r_picmip <0-16> - default: "0"
Lower values will manipulate and blend the colors of the map textures. Textures at the highest value, "16" appear nearly as solid colors. A vid_restart or map load is required before changes will come into effect.

• r_subdivisions <4|80> - default: "4"
A value of "80" will replace in-game curves with angled surfaces to give a performance boost. Valid values are limited to either 4 or 80.

• s_ambient <0|1> - default: "1"
A value of "0" will remove the ambient background sounds from most maps (flares, jumppads). An s_restart or map load is required before the change will come into effect.

• s_musicvolume <0-1> - default: "0.25"
Lower values will lower the volume of the game music, a value of "0" will disable the music.

• sensitivity <float> - default: "1"
Sets the mouse sensitivity.

• setenemycolor / setteamcolor
An easier, but less configurable cvar to color the enemy / team models. These commands accept one to three parameters to colorize the upper body, lower body and head of the bright skin. These parameters are entered in the form of letters, with a to x representing the rainbow, and two additional arguments of y (white) and z (gray). You may use a single color parameter to colorize the entire model one color, or up to three arguments to customize the players chest, legs and head.

'setenemycolor h' will set the entire model green
'setenemycolor hy' will set the models chest green, legs & head white
'setenemycolor hyz' will set the models chest green, legs white, and head gray

If you wish to have a greater control over their color options, you can configure the individual cvars that the setenemycolor and setteamcolor commands assign values to. These cvars accept only RGBA hexadecimal parameters, such as 0x00FF00FF for bright green (0xRRBBGGAA format). AA is the alpha channel (transparence) and could be untouched.

Setting these cvars are not required if you use the simple setenemycolor and setteamcolor cmds:

0xFFFFFFFF white
0xFFFF00FF yellow
0x804000FF orange
0xFF00FFFF bright pink
0xFF0000FF red
0x008000FF green
0x5e8000FF green body, yellow legs
0x00FF00FF bright green
0x00FFFFFF sky blue
0x0000FFFF dark blue
0x000000FF black

• timescale - default: "1"
Higher values set while playing back demo files will result in the demo fast forwarding at a rate times the timescale value.

Common and/or new game commands:
• +acc
Bindable command for displaying an in-game weapon accuracy panel, shown as long as you hold the key. Usage: bind key "+acc”.

[toggle script by Nyte]
bind key "vstr ACCtoggle"
set ACCtoggle1 "+acc ; set ACCtoggle vstr ACCtoggle2"
set ACCtoggle2 "-acc ; set ACCtoggle vstr ACCtoggle1"
set ACCtoggle "vstr ACCtoggle1"

• block <name>
Blocks the player from in-game and website chat (do not include clan in the name.)

• unblock <name>
Unblocks the player from in-game and website chat (do not include clan in the name.)

• blocklist
Lists currently blocked players.

• Dropflag
Dropflag allows you to drop the enemy flag for another player (who is perhaps more well equipped to survive with the flag).

• Dropweapon
Dropweapon only works in team games, and allows you to drop the weapon you are currently holding so that a team mate may have it.

• name <name>
The name command allows you to add color codes to your name. Place a carot and colored code before any text string to colorize it, like in "name ^1Unnamed^3Player"
^1 – Red
^2 – Green
^3 – Yellow
^4 – Blue
^5 – Cyan
^6 – Magenta
^7 – White

• postprocess_restart
Allows for a quick restart of the postprocess effects.

• print
Prints a local message on screen (useful for binds.)

• readyup - default bind: "f3"
Readyup toggles your ready-up state. Once enough players in a match have ready up'd, the match will begin.

• record <demoname>
Records a demo of your current gameplay.

• stoprecord
Stops recording the current demo.

• tell_buddy <qlfriendsname>
This command will send a QUAKE LIVE chat message to a friend on your friends list from in-game.

• quit
The quit command disconnects you from the server and will return you to the QUAKE LIVE site.

• togglechathistory
An alternative to "+chat." This is a new command that will allow you to toggle the chat history rather than being required to hold down a bind in order to see the chat. It is still in testing and has a few known issues, such as the chat history toggling off when you issue a new chat message.

• spec command:
spec fc - follow/cycle through flag carriers
spec blue - follow/cycle through blue team
spec red - follow/cycle through red team
spec pu - follow/cycle between players holding power-ups

Alias system example usage
alias +jumpup "say I'm jumping;+moveup"
alias -jumpup "say I'm landing;-moveup"
bind ] +jumpup

Not working / overwritten commands:
• cl_autoRecordDemo - default: "0"
Overwritten by: cg_autoAction.

• clan <clanname>
This command is redundant, since the clan managment system now sets your clan tag automatically when you are in a clan.

• cg_noprojectileTrail - default: "0"
Overwritten by: cg_smokeRadius_NG, cg_smokeRadius_RL, and cg_smokeRadius_GL.

• cg_oldPlasma - default: "1"
Overwritten by: cg_plasmaStyle.

• cg_oldRail - default: "1"
Overwritten by: cg_railStyle.

• cg_oldRocket - default: "1"
Overwritten by: cg_rocketStyle.

• cg_newWeaponBar - default: "1"
Overwritten by: cg_weaponBar.

• cg_smoothclients - default: "0"
Not working: disabled on server side.

• cl_timenudge or nudge
Non existent: unlagged netcode doesn`t need it.

• cg_weaponColor <0xRRGGBBAA> - default: "0x007000FF"
Replaced by new Force Weapon Color system.

• cg_weaponColorStyle <1|2|3> - default: "1"
Replaced by new Force Weapon Color system.

• cg_weaponColor_grenade <0xRRGGBBAA> - default: "0x007000FF"
Replaced by new Force Weapon Color system.

Admin commands, which are available to server owners and server ops on private servers only:
• kickban

• banlist

• unban

• stopserver

• opsay

• Admin PassVote
Server owners and server ops may vote on their own callvote to instantly pass the vote. This allows owners and ops to force map switches.

Examplary configs
Be sure to make copies of your own configs before loading up these ones! Please note that the number of downloads of some of the configs listed below may be false. Whenever there is a new config and a reliable source, the files are updated.
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Hall of Fame: Informative (added to hof by netrex)
ProX and linKoo face-off in EC XX (53 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 11:31 CDT, 10 October 2009 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 11 October 2009 to 15:00 CDT, 11 October 2009
Schedule: Passed

This Sunday, we will broadcast a ClanBase Quake Live 1v1 EuroCup XX group stage game between Poland Konrad "ProX" Kubala and Iceland Eythor "linKoo" Kristjansson (bet).

Both of these players are considered highly talented, but not widely known due to the lack of international LAN experience. ProX is a Quake III veteran with good results in the ESL EMS IV, while linKoo showed some brilliant skill in the last edition of the ESL Quake Live KoTH.

Tune in for the game at 14:00 CDT, your host will be Poland Mateusz "Mav_" Bownik. You can watch either the High Quality or the Low Quality stream.

Links: Cup page, HSTV, mIRC #clanbase.ql
Edited by xou at 01:26 CDT, 11 October 2009 - 13200 Hits
Chooy (30 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 07:37 CDT, 13 August 2009 - iMsg
Earlier this week there was a historical discussion going on the biggest Polish Quake Live community site about the top five Quake Live players both in Poland and in the world. After a memorable debate involving witty discussions, unforgettable comments and brilliant posts, one man has proven everyone wrong. He has proven that he cannot be excluded from the top five lists in Quake Live no matter what the competition is. Being a man of noble acts and very few words, he has compiled a short movie, revealing his real, true skill.

This man is Chooy (Polish for dick). And here is his proof.

Edited by Mav_ at 07:39 CDT, 13 August 2009 - 7008 Hits
CB QL 1v1 Featured Cup Final Tonight (73 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 03:50 CDT, 2 August 2009 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 2 August 2009 to 14:00 CDT, 2 August 2009
Schedule: Passed

The final of the ClanBase ClanBase Quake Live 1v1 Featured Cup will be held tonight. The Swedish favourite, Sweden Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira, will face off against one of the most active Polish duellers, Poland Bogdan "bodzo" Mazur. These two extremely experienced Quake Live players will compete in a best-of-five game, starting at 13:00 CDT.

The Match will be broadcasted by Headshot TV, the host of the show is Poland Mateusz "Mav_" Bownik. You can watch either the High Quality or the Low Quality stream.

Links: Cup page, mIRC #clanbase.ql
Edited by xou at 10:50 CDT, 2 August 2009 - 15906 Hits
Is 2gd always that hillarious? (30 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 00:53 CDT, 23 July 2009 - iMsg
Yesterday I just accidentally turned it on at about 59:00 and couldn't stop laughing most of the time. 2gd completely owned that guy.

But I did watch a little bit of the beginning this morning, and I got the impression that James was a bit provoking towards the purple trousers guy long before he started to be annoyed.
Edited by Mav_ at 00:54 CDT, 23 July 2009 - 4720 Hits
Bodzo -vs- zsx (18 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 10:49 CDT, 27 March 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: Bodzo
How to play back QL demos

>> 69019-bodzozsx.rar <<
(4307KB, 435 DLs)

The Grand Final of the European Knockout 1v1 Tournament. A great tournament thanks to it's head admin, United Kingdom pulseh. Poland Bodzo vs United Kingdom zsx.

Edited by Nukm at 19:42 CDT, 29 March 2009 - 7196 Hits
Bodzo -vs- Draven (106 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 10:44 CDT, 27 March 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.5 (1 vote)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: Bodzo
How to play back QL demos

European Knockout Loosers Bracket Final between Poland Bodzo and Netherlands Draven. Two last maps are a thriller, must see!

Edited by Nukm at 20:20 CDT, 29 March 2009 - 19696 Hits
Draven -vs- zsx (3 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 10:39 CDT, 27 March 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: zsx
How to play back QL demos

European Knockout Winners Bracket Final between Netherlands Draven and United Kingdom zsx, aka "finally something decent and interesting, not some pro owning a newb."

Edited by Mav_ at 04:57 CDT, 30 March 2009 - 2162 Hits
Shoutcast stream. Anyone interested? (19 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 11:07 CDT, 14 March 2009 - iMsg
I've got access to a pretty decent shoutcast stream with 1500 slots. The stream is basically not used for like one or two years now, and a couple months ago I asked someone responsible for it if I could "lend" it to people who are interested in using it, just for the sake of not wasting such a brilliant stream, while there are great matches to be covered. Back then, I wrote this in a comment but nobody responded. This is a Headshot Radio stream (Poles will know what Headshot Media is). Headshot is currently more interested in their Internet TV station and actually no one really gives a rats ass about the radio stream. That's why nobody really uses it.

I thought that with QuakeLive Open Beta, more and more tournaments getting played, and absolutely no way of seeing the matches (no GTV), there might be English-speaking people who will be interested in commentary. I personally don't have enough time to shoutcast matches myself, although I'm a pretty experienced shoutcaster and I love it. Also, I've got absolutely no experience at all in shoutcasting in English.

To sum up, what I'm looking for is people interested in commenting QuakeLive tournaments, on a regular basis and by shoutcast.

What I can offer is a great medium for that purpose. After me or my friend will listen to you in action and decide it is worth working with you, we'll see if there is any interest in people that actually wanting to hear it.

You might just pm me or write a comment below if you're interested.
3237 Hits
quake 3 and quakelive being choppy (13 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 10:20 CST, 13 November 2008 - iMsg
Hey, I've got this one weird problem from quite some time and I'm pretty much out of ideas how to get rid of this issue. When I'm playing Quake 3 or Quakelive I am showed constant 125 FPS, but the game gets a bit choppy from time to time. It does not generate any lags and the FPS meter is still at it's normal 125. But it surely gets jerky every now and then. It usually lasts from a minute to about two or three (I think) and then all is normal again for another 5-6 minutes. It's only a little bit choppy but it really annoys you after an hour of playing :/

I've got a C2D 4300 @ 1,80 ghz, GF 8800, 2gb of ram, and a windows XP prof. I already tried turning off skype, avast, and other applications but it doesn't help at all.

Right now, any help would be really appreciated as I am totally out of any clues on what could be the issue and how to solve it :(
11932 Hits
HE HE HE! (3 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 16:58 CDT, 19 August 2007 - iMsg
Me: (23:53)
Vh: (23:55)
i'm going to sleep!
Me: (23:55)
me too
Vh: (23:55)
good night!
Me: (23:55)
Vh: (23:55)
Me: (23:55)
1550 Hits
I was bored (11 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 20:21 CDT, 6 August 2006 - iMsg
It's 3 am in the morning and I can't sleep. Tired of trying to fall asleep I goofed around with photoshop a bit.

The original pic's here. Yeah, I know it's shit when compared to the original one, but maybe after doing that I'll be even more bored and get some sleep already.

Edited by Levi240 at 02:38 CDT, 8 August 2006 - 3123 Hits
q3 hype on esr (17 comments)
Posted by Mav_ @ 18:17 CDT, 22 July 2006 - iMsg
Don't get me wrong, I've been playing this game since 2001 and I love it. But isn't that esr q3 hype a little bit annoying already?
3746 Hits
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