Take a look back at the creative, fun maps that IROQ Clan custom made for Quake 2.

"IROQ Clan was formed on September 19, 2000 by Terry and Robin Emerson (A.K.A IROQ_Venom and IROQ_Vixen_). IROQ was created based on the simple idea of bringing a group of people together online who shared the same love for the game as we did, and who were looking for that special ingredient that a lot of other Quake 2 clans fail to offer.

We are not just an average Quake 2 clan. We are a group of close friends who have formed a very tight knit family, and Robin and I are very proud to say that we are part of such an excellent organization. IROQ is not just about skills, but ATTITUDE as well. Remember if you are not having fun playing this game, then you are definitely doing something wrong."

Dedicated to IROQ_Vixen and the Immortal Rulers of Quake.