Hi Quake community,

I am hoping for someone in Germany to please help me better understand the fascinating location for the B1 LAN parties: https://dondeq2.com/2020/08/09/b1-lan-home-of-berlins-underground-lan-parties/

AFAIK from Google Maps, the 1930s-era bunker where the B1 LAN's was held is located on the corner of two busy streets in Berlin. Just a few of my endless questions about this:

Any idea what was this bunker was built to protect from? I could be wrong but I thought it said was built in 1931. Was it an aerial bombardment bunker? Or an artillery shell bunker? Was it was constructed because Berlin was under attack, or was it more like a safeguard for the future? How common is it for a 1930's bunker to have survived structurally to today? After the war ended, what were the common peace-time conversions for these structures? Are these bunkers ever so successfully converted that it's possible to forget the original war-time purpose for the building? And is there discourse in German society regarding the historical context of a bunker like this, and if so, would that be similar in any way to the conversation that we are having in the U.S. now regarding race and Civil War monuments?

Sorry for too many questions. Basically any info at all would please be greatly appreciated!