Hey everyone, just thought I'd chime in and make a cool suggestion!

Why don't we all whip round and buy the developers a 240hz monitor, a logitech g-pro and a copy of Quake Live, so they can see and feel for themselves what a well optimized, perfectly frame paced, competitive esports experience is supposed to feel like!

Should come to roughly $1000*, so if we all gave $1 each, judging by the steam numbers we'd.... well, we'd probably come up short, but fuck it, what else are we gonna do eh! I'm sure they'll appreciate any amount of financial investment at this point because it's pretty clear from the last patch they blew my champion pack contribution on coke and handjobs from siberian hookers.

So let's unite as a community and get this sorted out! The future of Quake depends on it!

* (It's actually a bit less than that but I'm saving some of the money for my trip to Quake con as the flights nowadays are pretty pricey, I'm sure you understand).