Here are all the clues I have...

The screenshots are credited to 1998, from a United Recammers video by The Immortal, made for Dukemedia / QuakeTV.

Dukemedia was partnered with Sega Gameworks at the time making the tech for e-sports competitions at local gaming clubs. Was this part of a competition mod?

In the video, the players are fighting for a single flag, which generates on the lower level, and then itís taken and carried to the upper platforms, presumably to score points.

The level is later shown configured differently, apparently for deathmatch, with a rocket launcher and 2 rocket ammo packs on the platform where the flag had regenerated.

The players are never shown with a weapon less than shotgun, maybe thatís the default weapon in this mod. The players have to collect ammo and weapons. When killed, the weapon you are carrying is left on the map to be picked up.

The advertisements! In this level there are in-game, professional looking ads for Activision, Creative Labs, Logitech, Skittles, Mountain Dew, ID Software.

At a LAN party in Rochester, in 2015, the original server admin for Lasermine CTF put this map on for us and it was fun to play. Unfortunately, only the one smoking MASSIVE amounts of MJ (me) has any memory whatsoever of this.

What I DO remember, hazily, is that this may have been part of a larger download, or included in a pak file. The level itself MAY have a generic name (for an example, but not a serious guess, I would give a common name like ďbaseĒ and say maybe it was overwritten by a later map named base, and thatís why nobody remembers this now.)

The Olympics theme and Vince M commentary used in The Immortalís recam seem to point to the competitive nature of the mod / map in question.

How could I almost forget... the Scoreboard! This mod / map has a unique in-level dynamic scoreboard that shows all players in the map the Team Score and Game Time. If this was an episode of Antiques Roadshow, the working in-level scoreboard would be pointed out as being a unique feature adding a lot of value to this piece.

Just about the only Quake 2 mod I have seen with an in-level dynamic scoreboard is the Kick Mod. This is more complex than that.

The advertisements for FX Sports (started in 1997) and Casio Time point towards the year 1998 being an accurate date. The presence of so many company logos makes me think this was an official mod release, maybe from one of the expansion discs.

The Scoreboard would be perfect for Spectators, adding weight to the theory that this map / mod was built for e-sports competition.

I really want to move on with my life but I have a touch of the OCD and it bothers me that this piece of Quake gaming history may be left by the wayside. On another level (figuratively but NOT literally - iím still talking about the same level) I want to play these ramps with the laser hook and my friend Mary Jane.

Any and all info, clues, context, guesses, random comments, would be greatly appreciated.