Hi everybody, I have posted the website archives from some Argentine Quake clans, including 2 from the city of Buenos Aires: Villa de Mayo (VDM) and Los Mamones (LM). Jackson of Clan VDM visited Dallas in 1999 as the Quake champion of Argentina, for a CPL tourney. That's just one of the interesting . Please have a look and feel free to share stories of or knowledge about the Argentine Q2 scene in the comments: that would be awesome.

As a personal note, as an America, when I close my eyes and think of Argentina, my whole mind's eye is overtaken with Manu Ginobili's face, maybe he is draining an off balance falling-out-of-bounds tres, and Charles Barkley's hollering, "Ginoobiliiii!" If I happen to be of a particularly calm frame of mind, and I can think deeper on Argentina, maybe I catch a glimpse of people eating lots of meat. In the process of posting these archives, I started to learn a little more about our neighbors to the South, and I got pulled into reading a little about the interesting history and awesome culture of Argentina. I was self educating, and it felt good. Well, I googled up from street view to see where I was in Buenos Aires, and actually audibly WTF'ed: I had no idea Argentina was on the bottom of the Earth.

To paraphrase Mary Oliver, "Instructions for archiving Quake 2 history. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." Thank you all for reading and take it easy.


Clan Villa de Mayo y Un Argentino en Dallas

Los Mamones y El Campeonato de Quake II 1999

Clan Argentino de Quake II: K.E.P.D. Power Overwhelming

La Lenta y Pesada Agonia de Quake: presente, pasado y futuro, por Eyehawk

OK PC Gamer: A FONDO Quake II, Diciembre 1997

Charles Barkely yelling, "Ginobili!"