13th... Jason is coming! You're doomed! You're all doomed! 🔪

Sign up for 🔥UNIORZ CHALLENGE CUP #13🔥 for European and CIS amateur Quake Champions duelists. Cup is played in three divisions: Diamond (1725 - 2100 rating), Gold (1350-2100 rating), Silver (0-1350 rating).

When: 10 Feb 2018, 15:00 CET

MapPool: Vale of Pnath, Blood Covenant, Blood Run, Corrupted Keep, Ruins of Sarnath

Mapchoice: Each stage has a pre-determined map (written under stage name). You play pre-determined map first, then the loser of first map picks next. Repeat until you're done.

Rules: Double Elimination, BO3 Winner Bracket final and a BO5 Grand Final, everything else BO1.


Check-in: 14:30 15:00 CET

Preferred communication channel: https://discord.gg/XRKU4py

Our Hall of Fame: https://codenotfound.github.io/hall-of-fame/