From what i understand the green line in the lagometer should be as straight as a razorblade.

Mine is not! i dont get it!

I dont have any processes in the background running. Even with a ping of 14 i still have little bumps! My PC is high end with a 1080 GPU etc. I have a cable connection with more then 15 mbit upload and 100 mbit download! I am the only one on the network. I even turn off the wifi on my iPhone..

Please take a look at the screenshots! On the rightside of the screenshot u see the stats of the Asrock Xfastlan program that shows i am not running stuff on the background that can cause lag.

Whats also weird is that that the bumps differ in fullscreen and windowed mode!

Can somebody help me out please? thank you!!

with full screensettings [url][/url] ( this one is also in the attachment

with windowed settings [url][/url]

U have to zoom in on the lagometer so see it.