At the moment I have an i5-3470 paired with 16gb ddr3 and a Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ 8gb.

Thinking about possibly upgrading my cpu in a month or so but not sure if the performance inscrease is worth the outlay... cpu tech seems to grow far far slower than gpu. Just seems that the newer ones are that much better?

I'd be looking at a cpu in the £150-200 price range plus another 120 or so for mobo and ram so a total of around £300. Please don't give me $ prices, you guys literally get this stuff for a third less than us so only quote UK suppliers please.

Would it be worth getting a Ryzen 5 or a newer i5 to replace this with.... or would I possibly get the same/better results by just getting a used i7-3770K (between £120-180 on ebay) that would fit in my current motherboard?