Anyone else hate the telefrag ability?

I quit a duel yesterday because of it after the 3rd telefrag. 2 of them were at MH, one down the corridor and the other from above. I'm not too bothered about these as I could have moved out the way and hammered the mh spot with rockets... lesson learnt.

However the next one I just couldn't handle and quit! I heard the enemy and knew they were in the corridor above MH, I was on the shotgun platform so sneaked along the ledge and there they were, just looking through the grate thinking that I was about to go for MH. They had no idea I was there so I shot 2 rockets and they must have had a slither of health left but before I could shoot again I got Dire Orb telefragged from 2 metres away while I was on a full stack!

Have people got similar stories?