Tim Willits expected players reaction on QC innovations. In his interview he say words such as "this is still quake". He choose special words for players, he softens our perception of new things. Of course you can say "this is still quake" if your innovations really useful. Objectively, many skins,models, shaders are useful, many players love it. And if you disagree, then you must think about our community size and amount of players.

But can you say "this is still quake" when there are so huge simplifications?
Is eunuch a normal man? Oh-oh, girls, yes he is eunuch, but he is still normal man, make him your husband!

This is why i think we need to change the term "game simplification" to term "game castration"

Ok, next.

Many of us are xenophobes. By the way to be xenophobe is very bad. Xenophobes spilt a lot of blood in human history and broke human evolution. And this stone i throw to our community. Many from us against champions and many other aspects in game, without any proofs. "We against because we against". Xenophobes dont know about 3 races in StarCraft, more important for them "we hate OverWatch". They love old graphic r_picmip 150. And i assume they against their new sexual partners, what can be better than to fucking with one partner all your life? I give a kick to all our community, let's learn how to distinguish useful innovations, сomplications, and castration.

I want to finish with beautiful example.

This player is one of the greatest in the world, he loved his game. He so loved her that he decided to improve her. Let' mention this game is one of the most difficult in the world, and even this game he decided to make more difficult.

I'm talking about Bobby Fischer (ELO 2770) he is world champion. Its necessarily to look film about him and his interesting life. In his life was time when he starved and thought about chess popularization. And he popularised his game by the non-standard ways ;)

Chess has its own specificity. There is something like "build orders" in StarCraft. All chess players learn this "build orders" for economy of their time during game process(if your time ended, you have lost a game).

Bobby has decided to complicate a problem and he created Chess 960. 960 means, that he increased amount of "build orders" in 960 times.

To raise your interest to Bobbi there is one link to small episode of his life. https://youtu.be/VM__tl9ffh0?t=1h15m54s