Hey, my names Mike but I go by PinkTauren. Im a semi-pro Overwatch player who has 500+ scrim hours verus top 15 NA teams such as Elevate, Rise Nation, 1shot, Selfless gaming, Team liquid, b.fly etc. I have a great understanding of the game as a whole, so I can help you improve fast since I am also very clear and patient with the people I teach. All lessons will vary depending on what skill level you are at so that each student will learn something no matter their skill level. I can teach you how to gain more mechanical skill, grow your hero pool, or give you a great understanding of the game. I teach you what you want to learn not what I want to teach you. If you are interested feel free to visit my Gamer Sensei account at https://www.gamersensei.com/senseis/pinktauren to book a lesson or Add me on battle.net "PinkTauren#1544" If you'd like to talk more. ALSO use code "pinktauren" to get 5 dollars off from your first lesson