QuakeCon 2016 will offer "a special look" on Quake Champions. Only for QC participiants will be show events about the new Prey and Dishonored 2. New Prey Gameplay Trailer is also up.

For now lets watch the new trailer and start spread more speculations. Theres also a topic on the forums about the trailer.

Quake Champions is playable on QuakeCon behind closed doors, no press allowed: "Willits also surprised the crowd with the announcement of the first public exhibition match of Quake Champions, to be held live on stage during the QuakeCon Finals Party on Saturday night. A select group of competitive players will face off to give attendees an exclusive preview of what to expect from the new Quake." (Bethesda.net)


- QC showmatch not via livestream (plusforward)
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Unlike other shooters with unique characters, the combatants in Quake Champions will all be fairly similar and armed with the same weapons. Some variations exist: Anarchy, a character on a hoverboard, is even faster than the already speedy Quake characters at the expense of armor and health. Sorlag, a large humanoid lizard, has a area-denial acid spit attack that can be used to protect power-ups and weapons from falling into enemy hands.