So I'm trying out OW since it's in open beta from 5th to 9th of may.

Everything is fine, I mean i get 215+ FPS average at lowest GFX settings. The game runs just fine. And I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that you can change your crosshair and FOV (I play with the cyan cross and FOV 90).

But one problem remains : the mouse's sensitivity. Default is 15, I tried 3 and 4 but it's still not EXACTLY the same sens than in quakelive.
I have 1800dpi 500hz plug & play (driverless), default windows sens (6/11, in the middle), FOV 90, 1920x1080 24" monitor 16:9 and sensitivity 1 in quakelive (and 3.8 in reflex) which gives me ~23.1, ~23.3cm/360° (QL & RFLX).

Since this website needs paid subscription in order for overwatch to work (and I guess DOOM etc aswell), I can't convert the sens from QL to OW.
That's why I'm asking you guys, with my settings, what sensitivity value should I use to get exactly the same sens than in quakelive (sensitivity 1 : ~23.1cm/360°).