I bought a new pc some weeks ago and I'm trying to put the right settings for best performance. Right now I play only quake so give me tips for it.
I have i5 4690, radeon r9 290, msi pc mate h97 and old but good multisync fe1250+ monitor. SO is windows 8.1 pro (I'll pass to win 10 when it will be ready). Mouse logitech g400s, GameCom 780 headset and a 5 euro keyboad.
I already installed the latest drivers.
I try to play Quake (1024x768 at 130hz) and it runs fine obviously: I can reach 250fps even when I record a video in asylum :) However I know a lots of software put additional input lag so I decide to ask here for advices in order to reach best performance. For example which amd catalyst 14.12 settings should I select?

P.S yes I set cg_placebo 1 :)