I bought this graphics card some days ago and I want to use it (play quake and normal usage) with my NEC MultiSync FE1250+ monitor (http://www.cnet.com/products/nec-multisync-fe...-22/specs/).
The graphics card has 4 output port: 1 x HDMI (with 3D), 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x Dual-Link DVI-D.
The crt monitor obviously has only a VGA input port.
I understand that I need a digital to analogical active adapter to use them but here we come to the problems: which input port is better (if there is one..) to use? Can I use low resolution (like 800x600 or 1024X768) and change refresh rate up to 144hz with an adapter like this? (sorry for the italian link, it says that is a DP to VGA adapter and you can use it up to 1920x1200 resolution).
Do you have some cheaper solutions?