bear with me here

a new deathmatch game needs a ranked mode, something players can queue into and play matches that adjust their player rating. CS:GO has it, League of Legends has it. Ranked modes give players an idea of their skill and gives them an inventive to improve and get better and play with people in their skill level.

QL never had a proper ranking system. It had tiers, which had no depth and was different for each mode. there was no universal rating system other than ELO, but it's not native to QL so only a small percentage of players are even aware of it.

Here's the issue: Every popular game right now has ONE ranked mode. CS has your typical 5v5 mode, LoL has their 5v5 mode, basically every game has ONE mode.

This is where Quake would have issues, most people here would want a CTF, TDM, and Duel ranked mode, but how does that properly measure a players skill? Realistically a lot of players suck at duel and they would rather play a team mode, so there would be players with multiple rankings. For example a TDM player would likely be playing a lot of TDM and have a high rating in that matchmaking, making the CTF and duel a useless measure of skill. In addition, his TDM ranking wouldn't gauge his skill very well, a TDM player can suck at duel and CTF. Three separate ranks too also makes each one worth less individually. You would have players that would ignore a TDM ranking just by bias alone.

What if the one ranked mode was FFA? There needs to be one mode to measure a players skill and to give people fun matches in their skill level. You can't make that mode duel, so many players don't like it and rather frag in a huge mess of players. You can't make that mode TDM or CTF because it's too mode specific, a good flag runner could get a decent CTF ELO but that shouldn't be the measure of his skill. We need ONE rating system for a player

FFA seems to be a mode that would be welcoming to a lot of players (who doesn't fucking love some FFA sometimes), and would give people a proper deathmatch mode. Players want fast reckless fun in a DM game, creating a ranked mode out of duel, ctf or tdm would alienate a huge majority of casual players who would try a ranked mode.

FFA RANKED, the only way