Hi everyone!

My brand new Kana v2 doing some very strange things. If i move the mouse diagonally, sometimes it starts to jitter or skip (great example is the second line from the bottom from the diagonal lines), sometimes the pointer not moving while i moved the mouse for 1-2 cm (top 3 lines from the diagonal lines, the little jumps happen when it starts to track again)

Although i made this picture in Win 7, with 400 dpi and 125 Hz, it happens on both Win 8.1 and Win 7 (both up-to-date, usb power saving disabled, i5 4570, 16G ram), on 400 and 800 dpi (not tested on higher ones), on every polling rate (125-250-500-1000 Hz), and with or without the "tape trick". I'm using it on a QcK+. This never happened with my 1.1s (I have both WMO and IME).

Anybody got any idea what causes this? I'm guessing it's an OS problem, but who knows.