The poll about me playing in the dreamhack tournament:
Yes: 52% (115)
No: 48% (107)

ZeroQL would have got 1-5 yes%, and he got unbanned quick anyway, look at what ur doing sync.
And I love hove some people that defend ZeroQL tries to argue that I shouldn't get unbanned. Its fucking laughable im actually laughing atm. There are like 50 of these hypocrites on esr.. [EHEM COUGH...Teen Queen.EHM-COUGH......] If Syncerror decided to ban ZeroQL again I wouldn't be here. I WOULD SHUT up and go away.

I made this post in response to the Swedish QL Tournament News:

" It seriously make me fucking sad to the bone when I see a beautiful concept and idea like this get so unhyped.
I dont wanna be that guy, but lets be honest if I had been in this tournament it would have been 33x the hype.

But humble Syncerror dont wanna let the community grow and have more hype, nope. just gonna keep zhu banned for 3 more fucking years even though im top 3 in sweden and top 33 in EU. Also im one of the most colourful players that creates alot of contreversy,
U DONT REALISE i would fucking make the livestreams go up to like 33k viewers and get this game the attention it needs. Ur blowing this opportunity Sync.. I hope you dont regret it.

I realise how to make this game bigger than you do no fucking offence, and not at all in anything but legit terms.
If you think im bullshitting you could try release me for a while, and then look on your statistics after a month, probably will have an increase of the average signed up players per month to this game by 33%. Do you even realise how much 33% is? Have you even seen numbers like that besides on your rail accuracy?

We all want the same thing in the end right? Sync; you want your company to grow so that you can earn more money and live a more happy life. I want to play this game so that I can do a thing I enjoy, I will enjoy quake even more if it would be bigger. So I would make my most effort to ensure that it would grow. We're all on the same fucking team brah.

inb4 sync response: "Nope i dont regret it" (inb4 93% plused).

sorry for cursing so fucking much

I DIDNT want to go this way but i feel like its my only option now. I've been banned for 3 years soon and it's time to drop the hammer.

Im going to give you a choice; (answer within a week or i'll take it as a no): either you unban me and let me play as Zhu and everything will be fine. OR i will be for real with this: I will play this game forever with fakenicks. Yeah you can ban my new accounts sure, but i'll just keep making them. In a force you've never seen, and in that way I will always be able to play this game, just not as i'd like cause i hate fakenicking but I will. I will try to stream my games so that people can follow Zhu on my new accounts everyday. So its like im unbanned anyway, i'll get banned everyday but i'll make new ones, i got unlimited VPNs. This is all as a protest.

I know you're so afraid to take my side, I don't see you doing it.
You can take the easy or the hard way.

I know there are gonna be alot of smartass zhu hate comments now. But im not here to read your shit about me. Im just here for one reason.