The twitch community *Kappa*

xannw: in QL 2.0 you cant jump and only use flash

pawulon_: ql will have spread on every weapon

beg1nner: When it lags this much, I just try to enjoy everyone that has funny QL 2.0 suggestions =)

icingonthecake: u can level up and get skill points which u can use in different talent trees in QL 2.0

fooljsh: ql aim down sights?

raevaroo: QL 2.0 is xbox exclusive

mythik00: ye iron sights, also diminishing returns on jumping plz

esgalduin: in QL 2.0 you have to collect rings and amulets on the map

xannw: QL 2.0 will not run under Windows XP

adobostreak: in ql 2.0 you need a full time job, a college degree, and have moved out of your parents house in order to play

easyspec: ql 2.0 has portal gun

mythik00: no more of this bunny hopping strafe jumping noboness

biscuit_powered: QL 2.0 will be played via facebook

soldatrlz: QL 2.0 is Warsow

fooljsh: ql 2.0 wont have force models and fov is locked at 85

dee_el: QL 2.0 locked at 30 frames per second

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be a using CoD Black Ops engine to attract a bigger playerbase

esgalduin: in QL 2.0 there will be cups played from smartphones

0192837465fallen: adobo you also need automobel to play ql2.0

ttasmmv: quake live 2.0 will be an iphone app

mythik00: not only not force models but they will be wearing camo so they are hard to see

xannw: QL 2.0 will be an android app

soldatrlz: QL 2.0 will have play by e-mail

16rindas: QL 2.0 will be black & white

pjanoman_of_4s: QL 2.0 will automatically cause your pc to blue screen of death if you insult cooller

esgalduin: in ql 2.0 it will be allowed for gays to participate

tez303: camo sucks, i dont want that *** in QL2

xannw: QL 2.0 will ask you to pay for 20 year old content

0perat0r: all the lolz on 2.0

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be released as a facebook game only. similar to farmville. playing with friends is fun

fooljsh: ql 2.0 will feature a return from captain price

bogotac_: QL 2.0 Has one big map like skyrim and all players are in that map doing quests

16rindas: QL 2.0 will make faceit streams lagg no matter what

handoncock: in ql2.0 bfg will be q2 like

q3newage: QL 2.0 will be with pandas

inkorp: QL2 pen and paper RPG

aydarkh: Leaked video QL 2.0!!!!!

xannw: in QL 2.0 all enemies are big pandas

dee_el: I want Doom Live

fooljsh: quake live 2.0 features popups to tell you when items come up

testostronk: introducing the dodgebutton for QL 2.0

esgalduin: ql 2.0 will be so tolleratne game that frags will be added in case you leave your opponent alive

ttasmmv: quake live 2.0 will have guest stars from halo, gears of war, cod, etc.

xannw: in QL 2.0 there are no excellents but double kills

fooljsh: ql 2.0 has health recovery

esgalduin: ql 2.0 will have headshots

easyspec: QL2.0 double dps and aim assist for consoles

bogotac_: ql 2.0 will have mana for lg

biscuit_powered: QL 2.0 will have Game/Gamestop pre-order exclusive weapons

ttasmmv: ql 2.0 will have realistic weapons. one mg bullet = death

pawulon_: No, this is the real QL2.0 footage:

fooljsh: ql 2.0 has ads featuring famous american actors so you know the gameplay is good

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will have an ingame auction house where u can buy, sell and bid on elo points.

0192837465fallen: QL 2.0 will feature 13 SECRET CHARACTERS

adobostreak: ql 2.0 will have shock rifle, shield gun, and flak cannon

tez303: Why not release Quake 5 instead of QL2? Weird decision by id software imo

handoncock: there will be a knif in ql2.0

hirezprojectile: ql 2.0: regenerating shields and exciting halo-speed combat

xannw: QL2.0 will feature a syncerror post telling us QL2.0 is comming soon

handoncock: a throwable one

fooljsh: ql 2.0 is 1-hit-kill pummel and 5m range

easyspec: ql2.0 noscope 360ies

bogotac_: in ql 2.0 u can have sex

biscuit_powered: QL 2.0 to have quick time events and scripted sequences

bogotac_: QL 2.0 will be open world game like wow

xannw: QL 2.0 will feature ztn

fooljsh: ql 2.0 features the ability to turn off pvp in case you are about to die

adobostreak: ql 2.0 will feature cards like hearthstone

rixtermanx: wtf is ql 2.0

hirezprojectile: ql 2.0: best played on xbox one controller

nalipotanka: and what QL 2.0 needs is completely new maps...if it will have same maps as last 14 years, than no one will play it again against veterans

q3newage: in ql 2.0 you will be able to save hostages

bogotac_: rly guys no need for ql2

esgalduin: in ql 2.0 Mynx will have naked boobs

tom10x: QL 2.0 will have summoners and minions.

chilloverkill: in QL 2.0 thae main subject will be to plant and defuse bombs

adobostreak: ql 2.0 will have a soundtrack by Katy perry and lady gags


easyspec: ql2.0 ca only

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be only released on console

bogotac_: u can get married in QL 2.0

fooljsh: ql 2.0 will feature america's favourite cyber athlete fatal1ty as a playable character

esgalduin: in ql 2.0 once during a match a friend of a player can joim a match for30 secs to help frag the opponent

handoncock: justin bieber for ql2.0 sonttrack plz

handoncock: Baby baby bbaby ohh

fooljsh: ql 2.0 features 3 lifelines to aid you in reaching the million dollar question

icingonthecake: for QL 2.0 gabe newell will replace Syncerror at ID Software

fooljsh: ql 2.0 bans all current pros for 1 year to give shitters time to learn the game

nalipotanka: but new maps...fresh perspective, especially in a new engine...if they add same old maps again, no one will come to play QL2.0 for sure

bogotac_: In QL 2.0 There is cooller model with "come to me baby" taunt

xannw: QL2.0 requires razer hydra to be played

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be Q4 with better graphics

q3newage: QL 2.0 will have high and low kicks, high and low punches

icingonthecake: QL 2.0 will be a reality show starring fatal1ty and syncerror living in a car on the road

0192837465fallen: Remember to register to to play in our tournaments and get a chance to win our QL 2.0!

q3newage: QL 2.0 will be released after HL3

QL (2.0) team, eat your heart out.