Psyche. I like males. I think tits are pretty, though, and I respect a nice natural pair of tits. My girl friend, someone I consider a best friend, hates video games. She has a nice rack. A very nice rack. Yes, I have seen her naked. No, I do not have pics.

If you want women to respect you, and your hobbies, you need to help them understand. When I tell women I work with, or women that provide me services (facials, hair cuts, etc), that I play video games, they immediately judge me. How do I know? I can tell from their reactions, or facial expressions.

Story Time -
Setting: Sports Bar
Event: Happy Hour for Work

A cute female project manager, from the Dominican Republic, who I respect immensely, and her husband, sat down across from me. The conversation started with some small talk. She eventually asked me how I learned so much about computers. I told her gaming. She immediately exclaims, "Oh! No! Please no! Don't talk about gaming in front of him [her husband], I am trying to get him to stop!"

First, I asked her husband, "What games do you play?" He says, "CoD." She interrupts us. She goes on and on about how the media says video games cause young males to shoot up schools. Then, she continues, saying that video games make him mean, and he throws things around their house. Finally, she ends the conversation by saying, "He ignores me."

My best friend bitches at her boyfriend for gaming, too. She uses the same exact reasoning for her hatred of gaming. She also resents me for missing her birthday, once, when I was grinding Warlord in WoW (I never achieved Warlord, once I got the cute wolf mount, all hell broke lose). She lives with two male engineers. They have a pretty legit setup in their house. Even when I am at their house, meaning, I should serve as a distraction for her, so she isn't preoccupied about what he is doing, she still bitches about him "ignoring her."

Bitches are needy. We truly are. You have to put things into perspective for us.

I am going to tell you what I tell people when they freak out about gaming. First, remind people of the influential gamers in the world. I am going to give you my top 5:

-Steve Jobs
-Bill Gates
-Trent Reznor (I live in a city where music is really important to our economy, people have heard of Nine Inch Nails).
-John Carmack
-Jennifer Pahlka - Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the U.S.

Then, describe all the positive things you learn from video games. You learn strategy, you learn to accept failure and rejection, you learn to apply yourselves, you learn a lot about technology, and most importantly, you should be learning how to manage your time and cortisol levels [stress]. If your girlfriend likes to put on make-up, don't judge her for it, try to understand why she does it and what she enjoys about the process. It's time consuming. Indulge her. If she likes to make art out of her menstrual blood, fine. Hey, at least you know she's fertile or something, right? Show her your games. Show her your scores [even if they aren't the best on the server]. Help her understand why you like the games. If she's a down ass bitch, she'll say, "Good job, babe."

Take time to stop fragging and do something for her. Remind her that she's important to you in some way. Also, keep your desks clean. Bitches respect a man who cleans. If your girlfriend isn't fond of cleaning, if she sees you doing it, trust me. She'll start.

I linked that song to my best friend when she was going through a divorce. Seemed effective, and it's relevant.

P.S. - I'll post tit pics here (not my own), when I can drag and drop. Bitches like to drag and drop.