SyncError recently talked a bit in Zoot's chat about different topics, so I tried to keep the essential parts for your informative pleasure.

*** about Mac support:

[18:24] <fr0zzen> Syncerror will you ever be able to fix Quake Live crashing for mac, i'm not mad, didnt have any crash for one week, what bugs me is that I only have 90 fps max.
[18:24] <syncerror> Mac support is really up in the air.

*** about a "new quake"?:

[18:25] <shabadoo_> When will we hear anything Syncerror, because with the rise of esports people are forgeting about Quake, its not what most want, but sadly its true
[18:25] <syncerror> Shabadoo_ yeah, we hope to usher in a new age though, and maybe bring back that attention.
[18:26] <fearghas_> the only way to usher in a new era would be quake 5, quake live had it's chance and failed
[18:26] <syncerror> Fear, you have the right idea.
[18:26] <syncerror> I wouldn't go as far as to say Q5
[18:26] <syncerror> but something along those lines.
[18:27] <agonnie> QL 2.0
[18:27] <kodisha> M F G
[18:27] <testostronk> \o/
[18:27] <jolonnar> Dear god. Syncerror is full of stars.
[18:27] <shabadoo_> 2GD said sopmehing about a new game I believe

*** about Steam:

[18:27] <kodisha> if it was on stream - where would they put stats?
[18:27] <syncerror> Steam is something our internal team likes, but is a debated business move... given that they take 30% of your income.
[18:29] <scrbr> what won't you gain with steam
[18:29] <rgp_> ql in steam would fail just like q3 failed on STeam
[18:29] <x0ut> millions of potential clients
[18:30] <rgp_> you should know that by now
[18:30] <syncerror> Q3 doesn't use steamworks.
[18:30] <syncerror> It's just 'on steam'.
[18:30] <agonnie> QL on steam would mean nothing
[18:30] <syncerror> There's a huge difference.
[18:30] <mass_hysteria> Nothing really changes. It's just on a client.
[18:30] <mass_hysteria> That is popular
[18:30] <inkorp> QL's too good for Steam
[18:30] <syncerror> There is 'on steam' and 'using steam'. You can a lot from using steamworks.

*** about maps:

[18:23] <syncerror> we have much better ideas
[18:23] <syncerror> than worrying about how to improve those pools.
[18:24] <syncerror> We'd rather just rebuild the entire game/system to have a better model
[18:24] <jolonnar> Sync, sounds great. Care to share? :)
[18:24] <syncerror> No. :)
[18:24] <syncerror> Yes, but no.
[18:43] <testostronk> syncerror, could you kindly recreate wcp16
[18:43] <syncerror> We don't recreate others maps, because that's essentially stealing. :p
[18:43] <testostronk> naaaah
[18:44] <grabthemegar> same creator as wcp9
[18:44] <grabthemegar> which is in the game
[18:44] <syncerror> Grab, we're sure trying.
[18:44] <syncerror> We've been speaking with him to buy them..
[18:44] <syncerror> but he's been busy / unresponsive.
[18:44] <syncerror> We're fully willing to buy them though, and he's been willing to sell them.. it just hasn't happened yet.
[18:44] <syncerror> I've been pestering him kindly for the past 4 months especially.
[18:44] <supermario2k> does id own dreamcast map pack rights?
[18:45] <syncerror> Yes we own the dreamcast maps.
[18:45] <syncerror> Hidden Fortress, House of Decay are Dreamcast maps
[18:47] <pjanoman_of_4s> syncerror, q2 pack! we already have the edge and warehouse but let's add tokeys towers and the fragpipe!!
[18:47] <syncerror> Yup, you pretty much named the last two remaining decent Q2 maps, not including the ctf maps..
[18:48] <syncerror> Although I'd rather rip out the dumb TA runes and replace them with Q2 runes first. :)
[18:48] <grabthemegar> yep, chastity belt
[18:48] <syncerror> Chastity Belt is a bit overrated. We could add it, but it doesn't really hold up as well.
[18:48] <naymlis> its not overrated, it just sucks in q3
[18:48] <noobindahouse> YES
[18:48] <syncerror> Regardless there are higher priorities atm.

*** Impact of Todd leaving id:

[18:45] <grabthemegar> hey sync another question: has QL's situation changed in any way after Todd left?
[18:45] <syncerror> Grab, yes it has.

Note: I tried to keep everything in context, but if there is anything that wasnt supposed to be read/known, let me know and I'll take it down.