So you see my shit there started to look like a jungle because how awesome new games are and there is nobody left to play them. Besides that I got tired reading the same god damn question how to clean mouse pads! It's like replying to monkey_business thread. Well here is a quick how to.

Get that nice and wet, get a brush and start removing that pussy hair.

Look at that black awesome goodness

Next you dry it (outside if not cold, or inside on the radiator). It's a sponge so it dries pretty quick but preferably leave it over night.

Now ok, once it gets wet you can't see the stains anymore so make sure you brush all areas well, because as you see I missed the bottom part and realized that once it started drying. Guess I will fix that mistake in another 3 months.

I've had the QCK Heavy for 3-4 years and I plan on using it for another 10. I never should have switched to hard surface few years ago. I guess that was the trend back then.

Now you are probably asking yourself what did I use to clean the mat, what's that green gooey shit? Well listen up bitches and you might learn something because my nigger Billy Mays hooked me up